BBQ “Potato” Chips

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BBQ Potato Chips

These crispy little chips came out extremely close to the flavor of commercial BBQ potato chips!   We LOVED them!  So crisp, too.  And best of all, these little snack chips are an Atkins Induction friendly recipe.  Of course, you can omit the spice blend for plain “potato chips”.  I also have a Nacho Cheese “Corn” Chip recipe you might like.

I have often wondered if you could deep fry jicama, but I honestly just didn’t believe you could hide the sweet quality jicama has enough to want to even try it.  I also didn’t think I could ever slice it thin enough to work for something like this.  Well, I recently bought a little folding Rival slicer and it slices jicama VERY thin.   These are delicious with burgers or by themselves!

These can also be made plain and those taste like real potato chips to me!   At 8 net carbs for this entire batch not bad all in all.  The plain ones even hold up to sour cream and yogurt dips.

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6 oz. jicama, peeled

Oil of your choice 1″ deep or more for frying (1T. is calculated into nutritional info below as absorbed, but I suspect less than that is actually absorbed)

Dash sea salt

¼ tsp. my Seafood Spice Blend

1/8 tsp. dehydrated tomato powder. Goya makes it in bouillon shaped cube and also in block form (optional)

DIRECTIONS:  Mix seasoning (and the crumbled tomato powder if using) into a paper plate (I poured mine into an empty salt shaker I keep for such purposes).  Set some paper towels on old newspaper by your cooktop for draining purposes.  Peel and slice the jicama VERY thin, 1/16″ or less or they will not get crisp when cooked.

I use a Rival slicer set on the thinnest setting, but a mandoline set thin would also work.  It will take a very adept slicer to get thin enough slices with a knife, cutting by hand.  My food processor doesn’t slice this thin with either of the 2 slicing blades I have, but maybe you have a thinner blade than I and will try that method.

Heat oil in a deep skillet or deep fryer over high heat.  Drop one slice of jicama in the oil for a test fry.  If it browns too fast or burns, turn the fire down a wee bit to lower oil temp.   Drop about half the slices in the oil next so as not to crowd and cool off the oil too much.  The bottoms brown first, so keep flipping them during frying for the most even browning.  If any areas in the center are white, those areas will NOT be crispy! White areas will be tough/chewy and nothing like a potato chip.  If browned properly, they will be crisp even after they cool off, an impressive fact for such a  moist vegetable.  As soon as they are brown, lift them out of oil with a slotted spoon onto awaiting paper towels to drain. While still hot and oily, sprinkle with salt and the spice blend on both sides.  Fry the second half of the chips, drain and season.  These are delicious served hot, but will stay crisp even when cool, if browned properly.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes about 20-25 chips.  The entire batch contains:

190 calories

13.7 g  fat

16.7 g carbs, 8.4 g  fiber, 8.3 NET CARBS  (for the entire batch)

1.3 g  protein

196 mg sodium



9 thoughts on “BBQ “Potato” Chips

  1. Cheri

    I was diagnosed diabetic a few months ago and found your page while I was trying to adjust to my new lifestyle. I’ve tried quite a few new things thanks to you. Thanks for the posts! Can’t wait to try this.

    1. Welcome Cheri! I have tons of recipes suited to a diabetic lifestyle. I’m glad you are finding new things to try. Getting used to low-carb baking can be challenging, as it requires some odd ingredients. After 5 years of experimenting, I’m getting pretty good with the odd ingredients and achieving very good “copycat” recipes. 🙂 Fortunately, most low-carb entrees, sides and salads are pretty straightforward cooking, with pretty ordinary, readily available ingredients. I hope you visit often!

    1. I failed to list it and have done so now. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think just a pinch, about 1/8 tsp. or maybe 1/4 of a tiny cube. I think it would add something.

  2. I discovered your wonderful blog while browsing for low carb recipes. I intend on making your crackers. Tonight I made the chips. Hands down, one of the best things I have made!!! I would have never guessed! If they don’t affect my blood sugar, I will be making these again!! My daughter at them all up! 🙂

    1. Well I’m so glad you found my site and so glad you folks liked these chips, Lisa! They are pretty darn good I think. We sure liked them and would have never guessed they were jicama!! Drop in often as I’m adding new recipes all the time. And be sure to notice the “older posts” link down at the bottom of pages, as that’s where all the archived recipes are. There are nearly 500 recipes here now. 🙂

  3. lucidity

    I just tried this and it is wonderful! WOW! I bought jicama once before and did not care for it. I think I might have ended up with one that was way past its prime then. This time it was fabulous. The closest taste I have found to a potato. I just sprinkled some onion powder and salt on them and it was almost like having sour cream and onion potato chips again!

    Do you have other recipes or ideas for jicama?

    1. Aren’t they great, Lisa? I was astounded myself on this one. If you’ll type in “jicama” in my site search box, it will pull up all my recipes with jicama, or where I mention them in the narrative of a recipe for a possible variation. I have quite a few now, actually…..veggies, stuffings, even sweet dishes.

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