“Potato” Chips

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These little crispy gems I made today were FANTASTIC alongside my bunless hamburger at lunch.  I could eat them all by themselves or with a good sour cream onion dip any old day.  Tasted just like potato chips to me and were VERY crisp, even after they cooled off.  When I was growing up, my Dad always asked Mom to fry  french fried potatoes with the skin on and loaded his up with black pepper. I always thought that funny at the time, but have learned to enjoy pepper on fries over the years.  🙂  In his honor (he passed away 6 years ago), I put some pepper on some of these little chips today and they tasted just like his skin-on fries to me!  Really good with just sea salt and with both salt and black pepper!

I have often wondered if you could deep fry jicama, but I honestly just didn’t believe you could hide the sweet taste of jicama to want to try it.  I also didn’t think I could ever slice it thin enough to work for something like this.  Well, I bought a little folding Rival slicer recently and tried jicama on it today.  The entire batch has 6.7 carbs, and that is pretty good!  Didn’t test them in dip, but they’d probably do OK with soft sour cream or yogurt dips.  They would probably break apart in thicker dips.


6 oz. peeled jicama

Oil of your choice 1″ deep or more for frying (only 1T. absorbed is calculated into nutritional info below)

Dash sea salt, black pepper optional

DIRECTIONS:  Set some paper towels on newspaper  by your stovetop for draining purposes.  Next, peel and slice jicama VERY thin.  I used a Rival fold-up slicer set on the thinnest setting, but a mandoline set on the thinnest blade setting would also work.  It will take a very adept slicer to get it thin enough slicing with a knife by hand……not sure you can really.  My food processor doesn’t slice this thin with either of the blades I have, but maybe you have a thinner blade than I.  But if knife in hand is all you’ve got to work with, slice it as uniformly thin as you can.  Bear in mind you will have to cook it much longer to get thicker slices to brown enough to get them truly crispy.  You’re aiming for 1/16″ thick.  Heat the oil in a deep skillet or deep fryer.  Drop about half the slices into oil carefully so as not to spatter on yourself and to not cool off the oil too much with overcrowding.  The bottoms will begin to brown first, so flip them over several times to get the most even browning.  You want these quite brown, but of course, not burned.  Any white areas in the center will NOT be crispy, but rather chewy.  But if these are browned well, they will be crisp even after they cool off!  I was most impressed with that fact.  When brown, lift out of oil with slotted spoon onto awaiting paper towels. While still hot and oily, sprinkle with salt and pepper if using.   Fry the second half of the chips, drain and season.  These are best served hot, but will stay somewhat crisp even when cool, if they are browned properly.  TIP:  The browner you get these, the more they taste like real potato chips.  Just be sure you to stop short of burning.

VARIATIONS:  BBQ potato chip version is here:  https://buttoni.wordpress.com/2011/10/27/bbq-potato-chips/   The Nacho Cheese Corn Chip version is here:  https://buttoni.wordpress.com/2011/10/27/nacho-cheese-corn-chips/

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes about 20-25 chips (that depends on the cut, of course).  Entire batch contains:

184 calories

13.7 g  fat

15 g carbs, 8.3 g  fiber, 6.7 NET CARBS  (for the entire batch)

1.2 g  protein

196 mg sodium

266 mg potassium

46 % RDA Vitamin C and 13% iron


8 comments on ““Potato” Chips

    • LOLOLOL Jen, re: “some strong genes coming through from your Dad.” Yep, and that’s a GOOD thing, as HE was the real cook in the family. We all took our cues from him.

  1. I guess I will have to try jicima again. It was pretty expensive when I got it last and was disappointed that the french fries I made did not taste at all like fries. With some seasoning maybe this will taste different.

    Thanks for the tip!

    • Hi Bonnie! Look closely and you’ll see it is 3 different chip recipes posted separately on my site. Each recipe generates it’s own email. Sorry if it was bothersome though.

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