Chayote with Onions

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Chayote fruit, referred to by some as chayote squash, are also known as mirlitons.  They are often baked stuffed with a spicy mixture of shrimp and crab in Louisiana Cajun cuisine.  Very good that way, too!  They have a slight sweet taste to them that is enhanced when sweetened even more, with the addition of butter and cinnamon.  They can taste amazingly like cooked apples when prepared like an “Apple” Crisp.  You should try it some time!!  But when sauteed with caramelized onions, they taste very much like pretty, white, scalloped pattypan squash…..slightly sweet.  This dish makes a very nice complement to the pictured char-grilled pork ribs drenched in my Montreal BBQ Sauce  This side dish is suitable for Induction and very simple to put together.  If you’re not familiar with chayote, here’s what one looks like:


1 large chayote (mirliton), peeled and sliced into small pieces (about 13 oz.)

2 T. unsalted butter

3 oz. onion, sliced

Dash each salt and black pepper

DIRECTIONS:   Melt butter in non-stick skillet.  Add onion and saute until they are tender and caramelized (beginning to brown).  Add sliced chayote and saute, stirring often for about 15 minutes or until tender.  They will retain a bit of firmness, like sauteed kohlrabi, but should not be crunchy like jicama.

NUTRITIONAL INGREDIENTS:  Makes 3 servings each contains:

96.3 calories

7.83 g  fat

6.57 g  carbs, 2.17 g  fiber, 4.4 NET CARBS

1.23 g  protein

57 mg sodium

177 mg potassium

13 % RDA Vitamin C, 17% copper, 13% manganese, 11% zinc


6 thoughts on “Chayote with Onions

  1. Being in Louisiana, I’ve generally eaten these stuffed with seafood like you mentioned but also chop them up raw in salads and my mom makes wonderful mirliton pickles. This sounds tasty and I’m going to try it, but I think the serving sizes must be very small to get 3 servings from one little ole mirliton.

    1. Mine was a HUGE mirliton, not like the two small ones pictured there. 4 oz. of sliced mirleton (plus the onion) is a very nice portion, as you can see by the pic, which was taken on a very large plate. A portion came out to about 3/4 c. Most dieticians call a vegetable serving 1/2c. So I don’t think you’ll find the servings so small on this.

    1. They’re also known as mirlitons and to be quite honest, I don’t know if they’re grown in the UK or not, Liam. Hope you get to try them one day. Very nice little squash, those.

  2. Yum! Love chayotes! I usually parboil mine for 12 minutes in boiling water – then fry – actually they already soft at that point, so probably should do it a little less if I did that.

    1. I usually parboil when I’m using them as an apple substitute in desserts. I want them pretty soft for that. Thought the firmness would be good for this side dish though.

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