Meyer Lemon-Orange Marmalade

Meyer Lemon-Orange Marmalade

Meyer Lemon-Orange Marmalade

This recipe is a variation of Barbo’s (member on Low-Carb Friends Forums) Foolproof Orange Marmalade recipe.  I decided to play around with the fruit and change it up a bit.  I used Meyer Lemons, a fruit originally from China, and introduced to the U.S. in 1908.  They are said to be a lemon/mandarin orange cross.  I’ve just recently discovered Meyer lemons and they have a WONDERFUL flavor!  So I thought to myself this morning when I realized I was out of marmalade,  why not?  At first, I was going to use all Meyer lemon, but my husband outvoted me and asked for a lemon-orange mixture, so that’s what I did. It came out FANTASTIC!  My compliments to Barbo on the process for making this base recipe!  This recipe is not suitable until the “other fruits” rung of the Atkins OWL ladder.  For lowest carbs posted below, use liquid sucralose (recalculate if you use other sweetener equivalents).  Net carb count goes up to 2.99 per tablespoon if you use 3 c. granular Splenda.  As with all things using sweeteners, since sweetness taste is so highly individual, I recommend you start out using half the sweetener this recipe calls for and first TASTE the marmalade.    Then add the remaining sweetener gradually, tasting until you get it just right for YOUR taste buds.

NOTE:  This is not COOKED.  But if you prefer the taste of cooked marmalade, you can bring to a boil, lower heat and simmer it for around 10-15 minutes.  This will slightly change the flavor of the orange and lemon peel.


4 Meyer lemons

1 large naval orange

3/4 tsp. EzSweets liquid sucralose (75 drops from the tiny bottle)  [3 c. granular Splenda or equivalent)

DIRECTIONS:  Wash fruit.  Cut into smaller pieces, removing all seeds possible.  Place in food processor and add sweetener.  Pulse until it reaches the consistency you like.  Spoon into a clean jar with a lid and refrigerate.  For those that prefer their marmalade cooked, you can simmer this for 10 minutes.  The flavor will be slightly different if it is cooked though.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Please  Note:  I have updated these nutritional stats since I finally found  nutritional info for a Meyer Lemon and calculating in 1T. peeling per lemon into the mix, since I don’t think their info includes the peeling.  I had used info for regular lemons before the corrections.

Makes about 2¼ c. marmalade or 36 tablespoons.  Each tablespoon has:

12.11 calories

.01 g  fat

2.95 g  carbs, .29 g  fiber, 2.66 NET CARBS

.16 g  protein

<1 mg sodium


9 thoughts on “Meyer Lemon-Orange Marmalade

  1. You are amazing! I had three Meyer’s in the fridge (which I just discovered after 40+ years). I just whipped it up in my Vita-mix with 1/2 tsp Lemon Stevia. I could have used less stevia as I like it tart. I LOVE lemons but never would of thought of this. Now I can have my marmalade and eat it too!! Thanks!!!

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you liked it! This mix has a LOT of flavor, indeed! For fun, I tried lime and that was just too strong for me. But will tinker around with the amount of limes again and see how I can mellow that one out a bit. Might have to cut the white pithy part out for a lime marmalade. 🙂

  2. Ok….I’m a 62 year old guy just learning to cook, low carb or otherwise. So I don’t cook anything with this recipe and I don’t remove the peel or the pith right? Just cut up and put the pieces into a food processor? Thanks…I LOVED your banana pancakes by the way as did my wife…I actually could make those AND they turned out great! Miraculous…

    1. Glad you guys liked the banana pancakes, Frank. Yes, on this marmalade, just dump the chunks of fruit, flesh, peel and all, right into the processor. Just take a knife and cut the lemons in half and try to get all the seeds out first. No cooking needed, but I suppose you could cook it for say 10-15 minutes if you prefer that taste better in marmalade.

      Trust me, the Meyer lemons are so much sweeter than regular lemons that the white pithy part of the rind isn’t too strong in this (for me at least). I just this minute went and had a slice of toast with the now chilled marmalade and don’t find the pith in it getting stronger or bitter at all. That really surprises me. If you find it so, then I would recommend peeling your orange, at least, and cutting away the white pithy part the next time you make it (wouldn’t bother on the lemons though. You’ll just have to see if the recipe as written is too strong for you guys or not.

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