Roasted Shawarma Vegetables


This dish is incredibly easy to pull together and is exceptionally good with charcoal grilled meats.  Shown above with a rib-eye steak.  This flavor reminds me so much of the vegetable stew I ate wehn we lived in Teheran, Iran when I was a small child.  I have even been known to cook the veggies in a grilling basket right on the grill with the meat!  It’s even BETTER that way!   This dish always elicits a thumbs up from diners and definitely sits proudly amongst my very best-tasting veggie recipes.  You can certainly use other spice blends here, but the Shawarma blend is what makes this recipe truly unique!  This is an Atkins Induction friendly recipe.  If you have leftovers, I often cut up any leftover grilled meats and toss it right in the vegetables for lunch the next day.  You will find that this is one of those dishes that just tastes better every time you reheat it, assuming there ARE any leftovers! 😉

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1 medium yellow squash cut in 1″ chunks (or zucchini is OK)
1 small eggplant (about 10-12 oz) cut in ½” slices, then cut those in quarters
4 plum tomatoes cut into quarters
1 green, yellow or orange bell pepper, seeded and cut in 1″ chunks
1 red bell pepper seeded and cut in 1″ chunks
1 purple onion cut into ½” wedges, layers separated
12 cloves garlic (entire bulb, cloves peeled but left whole)
2 T. Shawarma Spice Blend:
¼ tsp. each salt & black pepper (opt.)

Splash of  olive oil (about 2 T., or more if you can afford the calories)

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 425º.  Cut up all veggies and place in large mixing bowl.  Drizzle olive oil over all and stir well to coat all veggies with oil and seasonings.  Toss to try and coat all veggies with oil.  Pour into glass casserole pan and bake at 425º for about 30-40 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Serves 6, each serving contains:

91 calories, 5.0 g  fat, 11.45 g  carbs, 3.48 g  fiber, 7.97 NET CARBS, 2.22 g  protein, 105  mg. sodium

6 thoughts on “Roasted Shawarma Vegetables

  1. Hmm. That’s really odd. The link was character-for-character the right link to the Shawarma spice, but it wasn’t working. Deleted/Copied/pasted it in again and now it is working. Odd. Anyway, thanks, as the link was definitely “broken”. It’s working now OK. Just tried it.

  2. Sandy

    I bought a jar of shawarma spice for one of your other vegetable dishes (fried eggplant maybe?) and I’ve been wanting to tell you how happy I am that you introduced me to it. It’s great. Also, I tried this recipe with some changes in vegetables based on what we like and what I had and it was fabulous. I’m sure I will make this all the time. The squash, tomatoes, and eggplant seemed essential (especially the eggplant), but I think almost all the other veggies could be substituted with great results. Thank you so much.

    1. Yes, and I’ve subbed in other veggies in this myself. But the 3 essential ones, tomato, eggplant and squash, and the roasted garlic, of course, are what really make this dish, so don’t omit those. So glad you like this and are enjoying that spice blend. We just adore it on baked chicken and when making a shawarma wrap sandwich out of leftover chicken meat.

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