19 comments on “Gingerbread #2

  1. I finally got around to making this. (I’d bought the baby food carrots a few years ago but then forgot what they were for.) I followed the recipe exactly. The gingerbread bars are wonderfully! Very flavorful. Thanks, Peggy!


  2. These look beautiful Peggy! Will have to try them. I’m betting chia seed can be subbed for the flax very effectively. I may also try out my LC Gluten,Nut, Soy-Free Bread Mix in place of part of the Oat Flour to cut the carbs down a bit more.

    Now I just have to wait to clear out all the sugar free Easter Candy I just finished making last week to be able to have another sweet thing in the house! LOL.


      • Me too Peggy. It might be more mild in flavor, but the flax probably doesn’t impart that much flavor in that quantity I would imagine? The one thing I still have to watch is that both flax and chia (chia to a lesser degree) has estrogen properties to them. I avoid flax not only cuz of allergies but also cuz of breast cancer and kinda limit chia for the breast cancer as well. But I do use it on occasion and will save it to use in this recipe. Can’t wait. I do love a yummy, moist gingerbread!!!


  3. Peggy, do these taste like a gingerbread cake? If so, then on up days (love them up days!!) I could add a bit of HWC, just like I used to have in my high carbing days. Don’t you just love the smell of all these spices together? Thanks! Will be putting the baby carrots on my grocery list!


    • Hubby and I thought they sure did, Nancy. I suppose for a richer flavor, you could add 1-2 tsp. blackstrap molasses, but that’ll add calories and carbs, but MUCH flavor. I’m going to make mine in a smaller pan next time, maybe a loaf pan, and have it cook much taller for just that purpose. Yep, I love the UP days, too! πŸ™‚


  4. what, no ginger in the gingerbread?? LOL…

    you could add freeze-dried blueberries for a lower carb count than adding raisins…I get unsweetened ones at Trader Joes..


    • You could always add some, but I tell ya, these taste just like gingerbread without it. I think it’s the Allspice that does that, but not sure. I don’t think I’d like blueberries in gingerbread, Suze. I wouldn’t add many, maybe 2 T.. And on JUDDD, calories are so crucial on Down days. These were so good without any additions at all, so I’ll probably just keep making them without either fruit until I get to goal. πŸ™‚


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