Indian Chicken-Cabbage Stir Fry

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This dish came about when I decided to make something completely different with one lonesome grilled leftover chicken thigh in  my refrigerator.  I pulled the skin off (and enjoyed that right away, as I was famished :)), chopped up the 3 oz. of smoked chicken and started throwing a few veggies into an oiled skillet.  The resulting dish was filling, tasty and super easy.  You could use any cooked chicken meat, but the smoke on this piece gave this a Tandoori smoke flavor that really improved it I think.  This dish is Atkins Induction friendly.  This is an extremely nutritious dinner or lunch, as you can see from the nutritional stats below.   I suspect this recipe would be be quite good if you substituted shrimp for the protein.


1 T. coconut oil

3 oz. skinned chicken meat, chopped (preferably smoked chicken)

6 oz. green cabbage, cut into large shreds

2 oz. onion, sliced thin

½ c. red bell pepper, sliced or chopped

Dash salt

½ jalapeno pepper, seeded and sliced thinly

¼ tsp. garam masala spice (I used my own recipe here on the site)

DIRECTIONS:  Skin the chicken and chop.  Prepare all the veggies and have them and your spices nearby.  Heat a large non-stick skillet (or wok) on MEDIUM-HI and stir-fry the cut-up chicken a couple minutes, until it just begins to brown a bit on the surface.  Add the sliced onion and continue to cook.  Add the cabbage and saute just until it begins to soften. Lower heat to MEDIUM if cabbage is beginning to brown, as you don’t want to brown it.  Add the red pepper, jalapeno and spices.  Cook until all veggies are tender crisp or as done as you like them.  Stir continuously to avoid scorching of the veggies.  Serve at once. I don’t serve anything with this dish.  Chow hound that I am, I consider this to serve just 1 person.  It filled a large plate.  You may find it will serve 2.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 1 serving which contains:

377 calories

23.3 g  fat

19.3 g  carbs, 6.7 g  fiber, 12.6 NET CARBS

25.4 g  protein

542 mg sodium

729 mg potassium

21% RDA Vitamin A, 55% B6, 218% C, 17% copper, 18% magnesium, 24% manganese, 48% niacin, 34% phosphorous, 31% riboflavin, 46% selenium, 22% thiamin and 334% zinc.


12 comments on “Indian Chicken-Cabbage Stir Fry

  1. Hi Peggy, I wanted to write to you and let you know that I actually found this recipe, from FB. Recently someone informed me that an anonymous account has been taking recipes from food blogs and has been publishing them as their own, getting hundreds of likes and shares.

    I found your recipe on this account and was able to track it back to your site by googling the recipe title. I wanted to let you know in case, they took your recipe without their consent.

    They have taken a couple of my own recipes too. If they took your recipes without your knowledge, please report them. If FB gets enough reports against this account, they will shut it down.

    Your salad looks wonderful by the way. Have a wonderful evening. All the best~

    • I do hope you enjoy it Laney. Oddly, it was both light and filling. And welcome to the site! Hope you’ll find other recipes here you end up trying!

    • Cabbage is pretty high in carbs. Here’s the breakdown, and the carbs really are that high on this veggie combo, with only 6.7 g fiber to deduct away: You could reduce the red bell pepper and onion to lower the carbs a bit.

      I’m also watching calorie intake closely now to get my last 19# off. You know what they say about the last 15-20# being so hard to get off on ANY diet. So I often fix high veggie/low meat meals like this one these days. This type of dish with 2-3 oz. meat I’m doing a lot more frequently than in the beginning on Atkins. You see, I stalled at 170 for 2 solid years!! I simply had to try something to break that stall! Sticking strict LC just wasn’t working anymore for me. Lowering calories (fat and meat) is the approach I’m trying at present, but trying to keep it still as LC as possible within those parameters.

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