Broiled Tilapia and Shrimp

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This tasty, extremely nutritious seafood dish evokes memories of Italy.  The original dish had some pasta mixed in with the vegetables.  This is a complete meal and makes a very filling summer entree.  It goes together really FAST, so no major heating up of your kitchen in the summer!  THAT aspect I really like.  It does require that you be able to coordinate two tasks at the same time in the kitchen (the skillet of veggies and the seafood broiling) but is not particularly difficult to put together.  This dish is Atkins Induction-friendly, too! You can substitute Emeril’s Seafood seasoning for my spice blend if you have it on hand.

INGREDIENTS:   For each serving you will need:

1 small tilapia filet (mine weighed 4.5 oz. )

4 large shrimp, veined and shelled

2 T. unsalted butter

¼ tsp. my Seafood Spice Blend:

6 oz. zucchini, sliced

2 oz. onion, sliced

1 plum tomato, chopped into large pieces

1/2 small green onion, chopped fine

1 T. fresh oregano (or ¼ tsp. dried)

3 fresh basil leaves (or ¼ tsp. dried)

Dash each salt and pepper

1 clove minced garlic

1 T. Parmesan cheese (I used less as I watch calories as well as carbs)

DIRECTIONS:    Preheat broiler.  Melt 1 T. of the butter in a medium non-stick skillet.  Saute the onion until it begins to soften. Add the sliced squash and saute just until half done.  While vegetables are sauteing, peel and cut the clove of garlic in half.  Rub the surface of the shrimp and fish with the  cut side of the garlic.  Set garlic aside for now but do not discard.  Melt 1 T. of the butter in a small baking pan.  sprinkle the Seafood Spice Blend over the butter.  Now dip the tilapia filet into the seasoned butter, flip and lay on one side of the pan. Also dip the 4 shrimp in the seasoned butter, flip and set on the other side of the pan.  Pop in preheated broiler and cook until seafood is completely done, which will only take about 6-7  minutes with this small a filet. Turn broiler off but leave seafood in it to stay warm.

Now back to the sauteing veggies. Mince the garlic halves and add to sauteing veggie pan. Also add the chopped tomato and continue cooking just until tomato begins to give up its juices and soften, but it isn’t falling apart (about 2 minutes).  Add green onion, spices, salt, pepper.  Turn flame off the vegetables as soon as they are done.What you don’t want to do is cook these veggies “to death”.

Remove seafood pan from broiler.   Plate the veggies, top with the Parmesan and using a spatula, gently lift the tilapia filet onto the top of the veggies.  Top with the broiled shrimp and sprinkle more green onion on top for garnish if desired.  Serve at once.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   As written, this recipe makes just 1 serving which contains:

385 calories (using a 4.5-oz filet)

21.3 g  fat

14.4 g  carbs, 3.5 g  fiber, 10.9 NET CARBS

39.1 g  protein

358 mg sodium

517 mg potassium

42% RDA Vitamin A, 44% B6, 104% B12, 98% C, 11% D, 14% calcium, 50% copper, 44% iron, 38% magnesium, 35% manganese, 53% niacin, 74% phosphorous, 21% riboflavin, 121% selenium, 18% thiamin and 33% zinc

4 thoughts on “Broiled Tilapia and Shrimp

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  1. Glenda

    Sounds great Peggy. I can hardly wait to pick up a couple of tilapia fillets so I can give this a try! Not a big fan of oregano but I can cut that back tad and I guess that’s what makes it Italian.

    1. Well, the garlic, oregano and basil all add to the Italian flair, but you can reduce or even eliminate it if you don’t like it. I’m sure it’ll still be a good dish with just basil. Me, I’m not so fond of fresh basil because it doesn’t agree with my stomach, but the dried my tummy can handle just fine. Makes no sense one form is OK, the other I don’t do so well with.

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