Mango Cheese Tart

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I just adore all things mango!  And I just LOVE their beautiful color!  Matches my kalanchoe plant blooms, too!  Although a little carb pricey and not suitable until the higher fruits rung of the Atkins OWL ladder, mangoes are a wonderful addition to summertime desserts, salsas, ice cream or just to eat by themselves!  They have such an exotic flavor to me.  Above you can see my latest mango creation.  I only had 12 oz. of cream cheese in the house today, so I went from there as I added the typical cheesecake-type ingredients to the bowl.  I decided on an almond crust with a few walnuts added in.  Again, this dessert is not suitable until you reach Pre-Maintenance level.

I buy my mango extract from a small Indian grocer here where I live.  Google and you may find other sources.  I see Amazon carries a mango extract.  I use less mango extract in a recipe than I would vanilla as it is quite strong.

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3/4 c. almonds, chopped medium-fine, but not as fine as almond flour!

1/3 c. walnuts, chopped (or use all almonds or all walnuts if you prefer)

2 T. granular Splenda

1½ T. unsalted butter, softened


2 large mangoes, peeled and fruit cut away from seeds (mine yielded 10 oz.)

12 oz. cream cheese, softened

1 c. sour cream

2 large eggs

20 drops liquid Splenda (I use small bottle EzSweetz)

2 T. erythritol

½ tsp. mango extract

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.  Chop the nuts. Reserve 1 T. for the top garnish.   Add butter and the 2T. granular Splenda to nuts and stir until well mixed.  Scrape nut mixture into a tart pan (the kind whose bottom will lift out) or a spring form cheesecake pan.  Spread the crumbles out as evenly as you can, leveling with fingertips.    Pop the pan into the hot oven and bake for 10 minutes to toast the nuts a bit. Remove from oven.

While nut crust is toasting up, make the filling.  Place all filling ingredients into a food processor (or blender) and puree until smooth.  Scrape filling out into the nut crust, trying not to disturb them too much as you gently spoon it in.  Spread the top even and smooth.  Sprinkle with the reserved 1T. chopped walnuts.  Set tart/cheesecake pan onto a baking sheet and pop into the hot oven and bake for about 40-45 minutes.  It will rise slightly higher on the outer 2″ as it bakes and then settle back level with the center as it cools (a pattern seen with many cheesecakes).  It should be dry and slightly firm to the tough at the very center when done.    Cool, lift out of pan and cut into 10 slices.  If serving to company, I would recommend plating each serving with 1-3 slices of fresh mango and a lovely sliced strawberry.  Refrigerate any leftovers.  Due to the cream cheese, I would NOT recommend freezing this or any recipes containing cream cheese.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 10 servings, each contains:

306 calories

27.7 g  fat

9.76 g  carbs, 1.87 g  fiber, 7.89 g  NET CARBS

7.26 g  protein

132 mg sodium

156 mg potassium

31% RDA Vitamin A, 14% B12, 11% C, 14% copper, 14% iron and 15% phosphorous

2 thoughts on “Mango Cheese Tart

  1. Sounds wonderful. I love mangoes too, Peggy. They are huge here. To me they are like the peaches of the Tropics. I am amazed to see how the carbs are not too bad. Go figure.

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