Raspberry Smoothie

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Raspberry Smoothie

I’m watching my calories now as well as carbs, in order to get my last 20 lbs. off.  Low carbing alone just isn’t working to do that, as I was stalled at the same weight for two full years!  No amount of tweaking of Atkins was getting my last 25# off.  Every other day now, I restrict my total caloric intake drastically (500-600 calories); then every other day, I increase my caloric intake to 1600-1700 calories.  I’m hoping that will keep my metabolic set point so confused it can’t implement countermeasures to hang on to the weight I still need/want to lose.  In a sense, what I’m doing is very much like Intermittent Fasting, so I hopefully reap many of the benefits one gets with that approach to eating.  But my attempts at IF last year didn’t suit my hunger needs nor our daily routines and schedule.

With a lot of help from glucomannan powder (from the Konjac tuber), which is virtually a pure fiber, zero value food, I am able to make smoothies and puddings that are extremely filling for those low-calorie days.  I’ve even been known to have a glucomannan powder smoothie on my higher calorie days, as they are so satisfying and filling.  Glucomannan or Konjac is the very same substance that shirataki noodles are made from, if you are familiar with those.    Today’s smoothie took the place of breakfast and easily got me to lunch without any intervening mid-morning hunger pangs.  These would also be very refreshing on a hot summer afternoon.  This recipe isn’t suitable until Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL) berries and nuts level.

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1 c. unsweetened frozen raspberries (I buy Great Value brand at Walmart)

1 pkt. stevia

2-4 drops liquid Splenda (if needed due to tart berries, or other sweetener = 2 tsp. sugar)

7 ice cubes

1½ c. cold water

3/4 tsp. glucomannan powder (optional, but thickens it up)

DIRECTIONS:   Add all ingredients to a blender and blend a couple minutes until nice and smooth.  Pour into a serving glass and ENJOY!

VARIATIONS:  You can add 1-2 T. protein powder if you like, or 2 T. heavy cream, or coconut milk, but those variations are not calculated in the stats below.  Of course, other berries can be used as well.  When you get to the higher fruits level, you can make these with watermelon, canteloupe or peaches as well.  Sometimes I add 1 scoop of low carb homemade vanilla ice cream.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 1 very large serving which contains:

70 calories

1.6 g  fat

32 g  carbs, 18.4 g  fiber, 13.6 g  NET CARBS  (using fewer raspberries will lower carbs)

3 g  protein

13 mg sodium


8 thoughts on “Raspberry Smoothie

  1. I did the JUDD diet for a month or so…it became easier and easier, and I also lost quite a bit of weight even though I didn’t do low carb at the time. Unfortunately, then I went on an extended vacation! I am now thinking of doing it with LC so I am quite happy to see you post this today. I’m confident this will work for both of us!

    1. It’s working for me right now, anyway. Best of luck with your re-start of JUDDD, BJ. I DO think JUDDD is doable with LC, I just save the LC breads, oils and dairy products for my UP days. 🙂

    1. Yep! You got that right, Vicki! 🙂 I broke my long one and think I just broke my shorter one. Hope this downward trend continues. 🙂

        1. Oh, you can count on it. I’ll post my losses on my site (My Journey page) until I reach goal and likely beyond in maintenance. I figure accountability goes beyond goal, really. I have followers on several forums “keeping tabs” on my progress, as they have watched my WL struggles all 3 years of this rambling journey.

  2. I’ll have to see how your experiment works out, since I have been stalled for three years now with still 100 pounds to lose!

    1. My, DC, and I thought my TWO year stall was bad. I feel your pain. It would appear you and I have “maintenance” down to a “T” at any rate. LOL I learned all I know about JUDDD direct from the Johnson Alternate Day Diet website. I didn’t get the book, but may one day. I started March 26th and rounded my actual calculator DD cals (335) up to the 500 you’re allowed to round off to on DD’s; kept to my calculator 1655 cal UD’s strictly. I’ve only JUST changed to 600 cal. down days to test those waters awhile, as I have been at the same weight of 160 for 6 weeks now (I stall amazingly fast). If I gain, then I’ll try upping even further to 700 cals. on DD’s. Sometimes the body thinks DD’s are the proverbial “famine” and fight your efforts even harder! Smart, these bodies are.

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