Swiss Steak

Swiss SteakSwiss Steak is something my mother fixed often when I was young and I just LOVED it! She was inclined to serve it with traditional carb-y mashed potatoes, but I serve mine now with a mash of seasoned cauliflower.  Just as good in my opinion.  Mom didn’t put the red wine in her Swiss Steak either, but I think it transforms the ordinary into something special.  You should omit the wine if still on Induction.  You can use cube steak, round, chuck, sirloin or I even occasionally use 20-21 oz. raw beef shank (5 oz. worth of marrow bone must be trimmed out).  I like to pound whatever meat I use for this with a cleaver to tenderize it a bit.  The oat fiber I dredge over this meat before browning isn’t necessary, but it only adds 0.25 net carbs per serving and tends to make a much browner, tastier gravy. Your call on that one. You can just brown the meat directly in the oil and save the fraction of a carb from each serving, if you don’t have oat fiber or prefer to not use it.  This extremely nutritious dish is Atkins Induction friendly if you omit the wine and resistant starch coating.  Check out the stats below!


16 oz. beef cube steak, round, chuck or sirloin (I used Grass-fed flank steak)

1 T. oat fiber (omit for fewer carbs)

2 T. coconut or olive oil

4 oz. sliced onion

1 large green bell pepper, sliced

3 Roma tomatoes, cubed large

Dash each salt and black pepper

¼ c. red wine (omit if still on Induction)

2 c. water (or beef broth)

Small amount of favorite thickener (I use a light dusting of xanthan gum)

DIRECTIONS:  Cut meat into 4 portions.  Pound meat on both sides with a cleaver to tenderize it a bit. Dredge both sides of each piece with the oat fiber.  Heat oil in non-stick skillet and brown over high heat until nicely browned on both sides.  If you prefer, you can omit the oat fiber and sear the meat directly.  The gravy won’t get as brown, but will taste OK.  Add onion and brown a minute or two.  Add bell pepper and tomato, the water (or broth) and wine.  Lower heat to a simmer, cover and cook about 45 minutes to 1 hour.  you want the meat to get tender, but not to cook the veggies to death.  If I can remember, I wait 15-20 minutes into the simmering before adding the bell pepper so it doesn’t totally fall apart.  If needed, thicken gravy with a sprinkle of thickener, but I find it is rarely necessary when properly cooked down.  Serve topped with a generous portion of the veggie sauce.  This is nice with mashed cauliflower or zucchini noodles.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes four 4-oz servings, each contains:

352.3 calories

15.75 g  fat

8.3 g  carbs, 3.28 g  fiber, 5.02 NET CARBS

40 g  protein

97 mg sodium


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