Southeast Asian Fish Soup

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I thawed fish for lunch today, Swai filets, but hubby wasn’t in the mood for baked or broiled fish.  So I decided to go with a hearty soup, which he always loves.  Being on a Whole30 right now, I must use coconut cream for my cream-based soups, so I decided to go for a curry-like soup.  I started throwing things into the pot that I thought would be good in it and the result was VERY good.  Even my husband was pleased, as he said it didn’t taste like he was eating fish at all, really.   The soup additives took away any “fishiness”.  This dish is suitable once you reach the nuts rung of the Atkins OWL phase and for Paleo-Primal tables as well.  You could use any other mild fish for this soup, for example Tilapia, sole, cod or flounder.  You can cut the net carbs per serving an additional 2.3 NC by leaving the banana out, but the resulting soup won’t be quite as good in my opinion.


1 T. coconut + 1 tsp. red palm oil (or all coconut oil)

½ c. green onion, chopped

5 red radishes, diced

2½ c. homemade chicken stock

4 oz. coconut cream

2 T. fish sauce (I use Thai Kitchen brand)

½ tsp. Sambal Oelek chili paste (at most grocers)

½ tsp. turmeric

½ tsp. ground coriander

1 tsp. ginger root, minced

1 clove garlic, minced

8 oz. bag yam shirataki noodles, well-rinsed (optional)

½ c. fresh cilantro, chopped

1 medium banana, cut into bite-size chunks

1 lb. fish filets, cut into 1″ chunks

DIRECTIONS:  Melt oil in large soup pot.  Add green onion and diced radish and saute on high heat until radish is softening.  Add all remaining ingredients except the banana, noodles (if using) and the fish. Simmer 10 minutes or until radish is completely tender.  Cut the banana lengthwise and then slice into ½” slices.  Add to soup pot.  Slightly chop and add the rinsed noodles.  I just take 2 knives and criss-cross the blades on the noodles a few times right in my strainer I’m rinsing them in.  Finally add fish and simmer just until all fish pieces have become opaque and done or about 5-10 minutes.  Cooking any longer will result in your fish falling totally apart and that is not so visually appealing.   Serve at once.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 5 servings, each contains:

233 calories

20 g fat

8.32 g  carbs, 1.48 g  fiber, 6.84 g  NET CARBS

14.7 g  protein

586 mg sodium

275 mg potassium

12% RDA Vitamin B6, 11% copper, 15% niacin, 11% riboflavin


4 comments on “Southeast Asian Fish Soup

    • Yes, my husband would agree, and since I had some leftover basmati rice in the refrigerator the day I made this he put a little in his. I’m off grains now, so I didn’t have any, but he said the rice was good in it. Though I would think leaving the shirataki noodles out would be better if one was planning to add rice.

    • Welcome Jeanine! I can buy it at Natural Grocers (in area where they stock coconut milk), or at Whole foods. I’ve also bought it by the case from Wilderness Family Naturals on-line for quite awhile (very nice quality). A case is heavy and shipping is pretty “stiff”, but it’s still a cheaper than I can buy a case at my local store.

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