Raspberry Mini Cheesecakes (Dairy Free)

Raspberry Mini Cheesecakes

I tried my hand at a non-dairy cheesecake by adapting a Blueberry Cardamom Cheesecake recipe at LifeIsStillSweet.com . I put no cardamom or lemon juice in my raspberry version.  I added some almond flour to the middle layer, and I changed up the sweeteners, as honey and dates are just too high in carbs for me.  I also decided to use coconut cream rather than coconut milk, as I find it richer.  This is still quite high in carbs and calories (one of the highest carb counts on my website, in fact), even with my changes.   So this special treat will be reserved for holidays and special occasions.  This recipe is suitable for Phase 2 OWL of Atkins.   Primal/Paleo folks will likely want to use the honey in the fillings and dates in the crust called for in the inspirational recipe, in lieu of the sweeteners I used below.  Below is the mini non-stick springform pan I used:

Click to enlarge. 4 3/4″ diameter


½ c. pecans, chopped

½ c. walnuts, chopped

3 T. granular erythritol (or sweetener of your choice)

¼ tsp. cinnamon

1 T. coconut oil


1 c. raw cashew nuts, soaked in water for 2 hours

¼ c. almond flour

6-8 drops liquid stevia extract

2 T. coconut oil

¼ c. coconut cream

1½ tsp. vanilla


3/4 c. fresh raspberries

¼ c. coconut cream

2 T. coconut oil

6-8 drops liquid stevia extract

DIRECTIONS:  Soak cashews for 2 hours in water to soften them and set aside for now.

Measure all crust ingredients into a food processor and pulse to blend into a “dough”.  Press half the crust into the bottom of two greased or non-stick mini springform pans. 

Chill crusts while you wait on the cashews to soften.  Wash processor parts.

Drain water off cashews and place them in food processor bowl.  Measure all other vanilla filling ingredients into the bowl except sweetener.  Pulse until completely smooth and add sweetener slowly, pulse and taste to get it as sweet as you like.  Brands of sweetener vary greatly.  Spoon half the mixture onto each chilled crust and spread top even.  Chill while you make the raspberry top layer.  Wash processor parts.

Place berries in processor bowl.  Add coconut oil and cream and pulse to puree.  Add sweetener slowly again, tasting as you add between pulses, until you get the proper amount for your taste.  If your berries are real sweet, you may want less sweetener; you may need more if they are tart.  Spread half the fruit mixture evenly on top of each cheesecake, trying not to disturb the vanilla layer.  Optional garnish can be a single berry in the center or a sprig of mint.

Chill for 2 hours.  Each mini cheesecake serves two people as it is so rich.

Sliced View
      Sliced View

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 2 mini cheesecakes.  Serving= ½ cheesecake.  Each serving  contains:

636 cals, 63.7g fat, 20.15g carbs, 6.0g fiber, 14.15g NET CARBS, 11.7g protein,

22 mg sodium



8 thoughts on “Raspberry Mini Cheesecakes (Dairy Free)

  1. Audrey

    I don’t have any almond flour, but I’ve got coconut flour, do you think it would be alright to switch it out? And also, should I put less of it than the almond flour?

    1. You absolutely do NOT want to sub in coconut flour, Audrey. Best to use tried and tested coconut flour recipes than to experiment with a difficult ingredient. Most of us low-carb cooks have found coconut flour is exceedingly difficult to work with and can be, even for me, very unpredictable. I’ve baked an inedible “brick” or two with it and had to throw them out as they were just awful. It will also change the flavor of that layer quite a bit. Instead, I would just increase the soaked cashews by the amount of almond flour I have listed. They are more neutral in flavor and you’ll be happier with your results I think.

    1. Well, as of August 16th, I have been doing a Whole30 (strict Paleo, whole, natural foods only)challenge. But I messed up and ate whey protein on 2 occasions and had to start all over again. So my Whole30 has stretched into a Whole60!! LOL. Girl I’ve even been clarifying butter, so you KNOW I’m committed!! Paleo folks don’t do any dairy, not even the milk solids in butter! But I’m undecided whether I’ll ultimately go Primal Blueprint(which allows dairy) or Paleo when this challenge is over for me on Friday. I’m leaning towards Primal right now, Jen, because dairy doesn’t seem to bother me.

    1. My Mother used crushed pecans for cheesecakes and cream pies years before that was made so popular by low-carbing (telling my age there). We never had graham cracker crusts unless we bought a commercial frozen cream pie. LOL Another great way to use crushed nuts is to work rum into softened vanilla ice cream and refreeze into balls. When frozen, roll them in crushed nuts to cover completely and serve them in canned rum-marinated peach halves. DELICIOUS! Guests love them and they are make ahead, effortless for the hostess.

  2. Adeline

    OH MY GOSH…….this looks so darn good & pretty too.
    I will try this for the holidays, who knows maybe I will convert someone ! Now wouldn’t that be funny to tell them — uummm by the way this is what I get to eat on my diet plan…bet you can’t say that . Can’t you just see the look on their faces…..Yep I think that would be funny.
    Peggy, thank you so much….can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your work and sharing with us.

    1. I think this one is going on my holiday dessert “short list”, too. It was so good and totally guilt-free. I look forwad to trying it with blueberries, blackberries, and crushed pineapple one day.

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