8-Seed Spice Blend

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Peggy’s 8-Seed Spice Blend

I’ve grown quite fond of a spice mixture I stumbled upon in my local Marshall’s last year.  It is called 7-Seed Crust by Victoria Gourmet.  I absolutely adore this flavor in or on the tops of my low-carb rolls, focaccia and flax crackers.  As it’s fairly expensive, I decided to try and reproduce it myself at home.  I poured it out on a sheet of white paper to compare what I can see with the naked eye and what is listed on the back of the bottle.  I can clearly see all the listed ingredients except fennel.  I see it neither whole or crushed.  There is also no licorice fennel flavor to this blend, so I’m assuming it doesn’t really have fennel in it.

Next problem is how much of each item should I use?  This is proprietary information, so it’s a sheer guess really. Visibly, there appear to be equal amounts of the various colored/shaped seeds in this mix, but I find the taste of onion and garlic to be decidedly pronounced, so I am going to opt to use a little more of these than the other seeds and spices. I also decided to add Nigella (also known as onion seed, black caraway, kalongi and charnushka).  It has a peppery, caraway flavor and I think it will enhance this blend for use on savory baked goods.  Calculating the nutritional information was extremely difficult, as number for spices are difficult to obtain.  The amount of carbs in 1 tsp. in under 1, so I’m not going to worry about using 1-2 tsp. of this in future.  My end spice blend is very close to the VG brand product, perhaps a little more black peppery, but overall, I’m very pleased.  Mine isn’t exactly the same, but I didn’t really expect to get an exact match.   By the way, my blend below does not have the sea salt the original blend has.  I don’t like to put salt in my spices so I will know exactly how much total salt is going into a recipe.  I always add my salt separately.   I know this spice blend will be good on any of your savory low-carb rolls, breads or crackers.   This is of course suitable for all phased of Atkins and Primal-Paleo as well, since quinoa is also actually a seed.

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1 T. coriander seeds

1 T. black peppercorns (I use a mixture of black and red)

2 T. dehydrated onion (I used dried shallot)

1 T. sesame seeds

1 T. caraway seeds

1 T. Nigella seeds (available in Indian groceries or from Penzey’s)

1 T. dark whole flax seeds

1 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes

1 T. poppy seeds

2 T. dehydrated minced garlic (not powder), found at Sam’s

1 T. quinoa

DIRECTIONS:  Put the first 3 ingredients into a grinder.  I have a dedicated coffee grinder I use just for spices.  Pulse the grinder a few times, checking often, breaking these larger items up a bit, DO NOT reduce them to a powder.  You want them coarse ground.  Place this mix into a medium bowl.  Measure and add all remaining ingredients and spoon into a lidded jar.  Always store spices in a dark, cool cabinet away from heat sources.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:    Makes about 3/4 c., 12 T. or 36 tsp.  Each tsp. of the spice blend contains:

9.2 calories

.49 g  fat

1.04 g  carbs, .39 g fiber, .65 g NET CARBS

.31 g protein


12 thoughts on “8-Seed Spice Blend

    1. You just might be right about that. I think you’ll like this mixture, on a variety of foods and baked goods. I just tried it on fish and that was sooo good.

  1. Made this yesterday along wtih your almond crackers, then sprinkled it on top. Found most ingredients at Whole Foods in the bulk section. Once baked they were soooo good. Thank you!!!!

    1. Yep! Those crackers are tooo good. I’ve got to stop making them so often. I just LOVE them with just butter on top. Mmmm.

      I tried this seed blend on vegetables and it was GREAT! Today I’m trying this and a little Parm on oven-baked fish.

      UPDATE: This was fantastic on baked fish!! I coated with homemade seasoned mayo, then dipped into a mixture of this, Parm and crushed pork rinds. It provided outstanding flavor layers for the fish!

  2. Just made this. Going to make your crackers today and sprinkle on top, can’t wait to try! I found the garlic, quinoa, poppy seeds, and pink! peppercorns in the bulk section at Whole Foods. Glad to be able to buy just what I needed, had the other ingredients. Thank you!

    1. Ha Ha. Nice to know I can be Queen of “something”, Jen. I’m always willing to give blends a try. I just use my eyes, tongue, nose and experience with spices.

  3. Wow, when you said you would work on this sometime, did not think it would be right away, thank you!!! I have just about all of those ingredients but for 2. Not sure about the dried minced garlic, what about garlic granules, would that work as well?

    1. Sure, Nancy, I’m sure that will work OK flavor wise. It will, however, have a tendency to settle to the bottom of the container, so be sure to stir/shake it up each time you use it, or you likely wont’ get much of that settled garlic.

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