Sausage Tortilla Casserole

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Sausage Tortilla Casserole

This little dish came together very quickly for lunch today.  Not many ingredients but plenty of Mexican flavor.  When I saw that had exactly 8 oz. homemade pork sausage, 1 leek and 1/2 of a large yellow squash in my refrigerator, I wanted to create a dish just to use these up.  I have to admit, the final result was quite tasty!  I’ll definitely do this recipe again!  You could substitute ground beef into this recipe with a tasty result as well.  This will make 3 nice servings but with the corn tortilla in it, it’s a bit carby.  If you’re at maintenance and can afford the extra 3 carbs, I’d use TWO corn tortillas in this.  I use La Banderita corn tortillas, on the rare occasion I add them to a recipe.  They run 9 net carbs per 6″ tortilla.  If you’d prefer not to use tortillas or just can’t afford those carbs today, chop up a little baby corn into this dish instead to drop the carb count.  This dish is not suitable until Atkins Pre-Maintenance or Maintenance.  This dish would not be suitable for Paleo or Primal tables.


8 oz. lean ground pork or bulk pork sausage

1 leek, sliced lengthwise, washed of all dirt and sliced

5 oz. yellow squash, diced

¼ c. red bell pepper, diced

3 sprigs chopped cilantro

Sprinkle chili powder

1 corn tortilla, sliced into quite small pieces

6 oz. Cheddar cheese grated, or a mixture of American and Cheddar

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.  In a non-stick skillet, brown sausage or ground pork until no longer pink.  Add chopped squash, red pepper and saute a few minutes, stirring frequently.  Add sliced leeks and continue sauteing/stirring until veggies are done.  Add cilantro, chili powder and sliced corn tortilla.  Stir.  I baked mine in the same skillet I sauteed it all in, but you can spoon up the casserole into a greased baking dish if you prefer.  Top with the grated cheese and pop into 350º oven for about 20-minutes or until cheese is melted.  Serve with a guacamole salad on the side if you have avocados on hand.  Sadly, today, I did not.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 3 servings, each contains:

414 calories

30.1 g  fat

12.53 g  carbs, 1.98 g  fiber, 10.66 g  NET CARBS

24.4 g  protein

570 mg sodium


4 comments on “Sausage Tortilla Casserole

    • Welcome, Britathere! You betcha chicken sausage would work in this. But it’s so mild in flavor, you might not taste the meat as much as with pork sausage. If you try that, I hope you’ll let me know how that comes out flavor-wise. I rarely buy chicken sausage since my low-fat eating is a thing of the past. But I might be tempted to try it again! I’ve seen it at Sam’s.


  1. this is just a brilliant idea. as a 62 year old guy, i’m learning to cook low carb. i would not have thought of this and i love mexican dishes. so simple but fun and offers some variety. too often i end up just grilling a steak or hamburger with some vegetables along side. gets boring. thanks for posting this. i’ll serve it with a dollop of fat free greek yoghurt. that subs for sour cream perfectly.


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