Sour Cream and Onion Crackers

Sour Cream & Onion Crackers

Sour Cream & Onion Crackers

I decided to try my hand at a sour cream and onion cracker today.  I used the Almond Thins recipe on Low Carb Friends forums as my base.  This versatile cracker recipe has been tweaked and cooked so many different ways and seems to consistently cook up well for everyone that tries it. I doubled the amount of almond flour and substituted sour cream for the egg whites. I also added a bit of oat fiber for taste and also a bit of flax meal.  I cooked these at 250º rather than my usual 350º for crackers.  So glad I did, as these aren’t very good if overbrowned. My crackers came out GREAT!  They’re delicious by themselves, but you could eat them with cheese as well.  Definitely a keeper for us, this little cracker.

When baking these crackers, DO NOT over brown or they will lose a lot of the subtle onion flavor and just taste like toasted (or scorched) almonds.  For this reason, do not be tempted to cook them at a higher temperature.   TIP:  The thinner you can roll them out the crisper they will bake up for you.  If you roll your out thinner into a rectangle larger than an 8″x14″ rectangle, reduce the cooking time as I’m sure it will take maybe 10 minutes less for thinner crackers.

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2 c. almond flour

1 T. oat fiber (not the same thing as oat bran or oat flour)

1 T. golden flax meal (optional but calculated below)

½ tsp. sea salt

2 tsp. onion powder

¼ c. finely minced chives or green onion tops

¼ c. sour cream (add 1-2 tsp. more only if you can’t form a nice dough after few minutes)

DIRECTIONS:  Cut parchment about 10″x16″ and place on cookie sheet.  Set aside until you are ready to form crackers.  Preheat oven to 250º.  No, that isn’t a typo, you want a slow oven for these as you DO NOT want them overbrowned.  Measure all dry ingredients into a medium mixing bowl.  Stir with a fork to blend.  Add sour cream and keep stirring with your fork, blending int he sour cream evenly, stirring until the loose meal begins to form a unified mass of dough.  It won’t clump into a single ball of dough, but all loose particles should adhere in large clumps of dough.

Place all the clumps of dough evenly onto parchment covered pan.  Either using plastic gloves or baggie “gloves (or cover dough with waxed paper or more parchment,  press or roll dough into a rectangle about 8″x 14” (roughly the size of a legal sheet of paper).  TIP: I hold a wide-bladed knife along the edges to press the dough up against and still keep the edges very straight.  Score dough lightly with a sharp thin knife into 45 crackers (9×5).  Pop into preheated 250º oven and bake for 50 minutes.  I have you check here because ovens do vary and you don’t want to over brown these.  They will likely not be brown at all.  Mine weren’t at this point, but appeared to be fully done through.  I baked for 10 minutes more to a  slightly brown stage.   The crackers at the corners of the sheet browned a little more, which is how I discovered you do not want to overcook these.   They just don’t taste as good.  Remove pan from oven and press sharp knife along score lines to separate the crackers.  Fully cool before eating as they get crisper as they cool off.  Store in an air-tight container.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Entire recipe contains 1488 calories, 130 g fat, 62.4 g  carbs, 31.7 g  fiber, 30.7 g  NET CARBS, 52.4 g  protein.  Divide by the number of crackers you get for your per cracker stats.  I get 45 crackers, therefore 1/45th (each cracker) would contain:

33 calories

2.9 g  fat

1.39 g  carbs, .7 g  fiber, .69 g  NET CARBS

1.16 g  protein

28.64 mg sodium


4 thoughts on “Sour Cream and Onion Crackers

  1. Glad you enjoyed these! The ones that didn’t get too brown for me actually kinda tasted like sour Cream and Onion potato chips. I wonder if I put a wee bit of dehydrated instant potato flakes in these if they would be even closer to that taste. Hmmmm. Might be worth a try next time.

  2. mmm….All I had on hand was a 50/50 flaxmeal/almondmeal blend and no onion salt. So I added a couple tablespoons parmesan and garlic salt. Very tasty…love the sour cream idea! Had them with chicken salad and a dill pickle for lunch. Excellent.

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