Bacon-Bourbon Butter

Bacon-Bourbon Butter

Bacon-Bourbon Butter

I dare you to try and say the name of this recipe 10 times in a row real fast without getting tongue-tied!  Ha, ha.  I sure can’t do it.  I just love, love, LOVE compound butters! They’re so easy to make, store in your freezer so they’re handy, and they really “dress up” an ordinary meat or seafood taking it to a new flavor level.  The one I made last night to use on pork or seafood came out particularly tasty.  Not too sweet; not too overpowering.  I recommend this butter for pork, whether butter-seared like the pounded pork loin shown above, or on charcoal grilled pork chops.  I can’t wait to try this butter on our next grilled fish or shrimp.  This recipe is not suitable for Atkins Induction due to the bourbon in it.  This would not be suitable for strict Paleo-Primal for the same reason.


1 stick unsalted butter (4 oz.)

1 slice low-sodium bacon, chopped very fine

Dash coarse black pepper

Dash onion powder

2 tsp. bourbon

1 T. sugar-free maple syrup

DIRECTIONS:  Soften butter on a plate.   Brown the bacon in a skillet and drain, saving the grease for other uses.  Add the cooked bacon to the butter and mix in all remaining ingredients with a fork until well blended.  Cut off about an 6-8″ piece of plastic wrap and lay on your counter.  Fork up all the butter into a longish band and using the plastic wrap to help you roll it into a log. I like to shape mine into the same shape and length of a regular stick of butter so I can cut off exactly 1T. (1/8 or the log) by just eye-balling it when I’m ready to use the butter in a recipe.  Close the ends of the plastic wrap and set on the shelf of your refrigerator freezer until it is hard.  Label it with a permanent marker and place your butter in a ziploc bag and store in the freezer if you are not going to use it right away. I encourage you to make compound butters a day ahead of planned use to allow the flavors to intermingle and mellow a bit, but that isn’t absolutely necessary.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes eight 1T. servings, each contains:

116 calories

11.9 g  fat

1.75 g  carbs, .3 g  fiber, 1.45 g  NET CARBS

.44 g  protein

15 mg sodium


2 thoughts on “Bacon-Bourbon Butter

    1. You’re right, Gsfay! I went back to my load screen for this recipe and I had inadvertently loaded only 1 T. butter (the default on and not the full stick of butter. That ups the calories per serving to 116 and the fat to 11.9. Thanks so much for noticing that. I have corrected the recipe now. Thanks again! Hope you enjoy this as much as we did. The maple taste with the bacon is amazing on chops and I plan to bast a pork roast with this one day, too.

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