The search engine here at WordPress is a VERY good one!  So if you’re looking for recipes that use a specific ingredient, just type it in the search box at the top of the sidebar at the right and only those recipes with that food in the title, listed as an ingredient or mentioned in the narrative as a possible variation on the recipe will be pulled up for you to review.  It rarely makes mistakes, unless there is a typo in the keyword (which renders a merciless “No matches found” response).

To search for a recipe title,  type the title (or close to it) into the search box and WordPress will attempt to find that particular recipe for you.  I confess sometimes I use hyphens in titles; sometimes I don’t.  So if searching Beef Eggplant Casserole and you get “No Matches Found”, type it again as Beef-Eggplant casserole and the search engine might just find it. 🙂   It has been pretty good on that function also, but the title must be entered pretty close to the actual title or have a part of the title accurate for that to work.  It is merciless with typos/misspelled words  and will quickly respond with a “No Matches found”.



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