Lupin Lemon Cookies

Lupin Lemon Cookies
Lupin Lemon Cookies

This was my very first experiment with lupin flour.  I only recently learned it existed!  I also discovered it is extremely low in carbs (12 g carbs and 11 g fiber or 1 net carb per ¼ cup!!).  My husband is VERY picky about desserts, doesn’t low-carb 100% and quite honestly, hasn’t liked all the cookies I’ve made in the last 4 years since I began my low-carb journety.  Well, tonight, he sampled these and said “Yeah, those are pretty good” and scarfed down several more (as did I)!

I’m proud to let my readers know this recipe appears in Vol. 4 of Jennifer Eloff’s Low-Carbing Among Friends cookbook ON SALE NOW!  Her cookbooks are a collections of easy, tasty, gluten-free recipes by a group of some of the most talented, creative low-carb chefs on the web!  Get your’s today! or at

These chewy, lemony cookies are DELICIOUS!  They’re soft in the center (but not crumbly) and slightly chewy on the edges and bottoms where they brown (even chewier on day 2!).  I attribute the chewiness to the imitation honey.  These have no funny bean taste often associated with lupin flour and they were just as good as any traditional lemon cookie I’ve ever eaten.  Lupin flour makes a final product that is fairly yellow in color, but that’s not a problem for lemon cookies, lemon cakes, yellow cakes or cornbread.  I’m looking forward to further experimentation with this flour, both for sweets and savory uses.  This recipe would not be suitable until the legume level of the Atkins carb ladder.  It is not suitable for Paleo or Primal lifestyles.  I obtained my lupin flour from Fooducopia, linked on the main Lopino website: and it is also now available at

NOTE:  People who are allergic to peanuts should proceed with caution with regards to lupin flour.  I am NOT allergic to peanuts, however since creating this lemon cookie recipe, and a few other baked goods, I have discovered I am highly sensitive to lupin flour!  I will therefore not be able to do further experimentation with it.  But I chat with others who are having GREAT baking successes with it.  🙂


1 c. almond flour

1½ c. lupin flour

2 tsp. baking powder

¼ tsp. sea salt

1 c. Splenda (equivalent liquid sucralose will lower carbs even more!)

¼ c. erythritol

¼ c. sugar-free honey (I use Honey Tree brand from Walmart)

2 eggs, beaten

1 stick unsalted butter, softened

Juice of 1 lemon

Zest of 1 lemon

1/8 tsp. Boyajian Lemon Oil (optional)

DIRECTIONS:  Prepare 2 cookie sheets with either parchment paper (or silicone sheets).  Preheat oven to 350º.  I couldn’t quite get all mine on two pans and had to bake the last 5-6 on a second go round.  Mix the almond meal, lupin flour, baking powder and salt in a medium mixing bowl.  In a large mixing bowl, whip the softened butter with a rubber spatula until smooth (or use an electric mixer if you prefer).   Add the sweeteners of your choice and whip until well-blended.  Next add the beaten eggs and beat until smooth.  Slowly add the dry ingredients to the egg-butter mixture, beating until smooth between each addition.  The batter will be too thick to roll into balls, so just spoon up in 1″ balls or with a small dough scoop.  They spread a little during cooking, but I only placed mine about 1½” apart.  Press the blobs of dough with your fingers to about ½” thick.  If desired, press a pecan in some of them; or sprinkle a few with unsweetened coconut pressed down.  Those flavor “extras” are NOT calculated below in stats, however.  Pop into preheated 350º oven and bake for about 20 minutes, or until lightly browned along edges and on tops.  Remove from oven and place on towel to cool.  Store totally cooled cookies in airtight containers or plastic zip bags.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 36   2″ cookies, each cookie contains: (not including pecans or coconut toppings)

60.7 calories

4.7 g  fat

3.63 g carbs, 2.24 g fiber, 1.47 g NET CARBS (.87 NC using liquid sucralose)

3.04 g  protein

43 mg sodium

45 mg potassium


24 thoughts on “Lupin Lemon Cookies

  1. Janet

    Wondering what the equivalent ratios are for lupin flour if I wanted to substitute it for almond flour…say in the fathead bagels recipe that is popular now.

    1. Don’t really know, but perhaps adding 3/4 cup almond flour and maybe 3/4 c. Carbalose or Carbquick would work. But I make no promises that will work and it would be an experiment. The texture of your cookies could also come out different. Make a half batch and see what you get. 🙂

      1. vacationmomma

        wanted to let you know i subbed 1:1 for almond flour and i rhink tbe bagels turned out better than the original fat head dough. Going to try a pizza next. Thanks for.your input.

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