Chia Strawberry Chantilly

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My mother was very fond of Strawberry Chantilly.  She would often double her recipe when she wanted to make a strawberry filled cake roll.  Mmm.  I’ve modified how I have always made this, to incorporate the super food CHIA SEEDS: .  This mousse/pudding recipe is not suitable until the nuts and seeds rung of the OWL carb ladder in Phase 2 of Atkins.  This is yet another, delicious, easy way to incorporate chia seeds into my regular diet.  This dessert can be garnished with a fresh strawberry, strawberry preserves, a dollop of whipped, sweetened cream, a spring of fresh mint, or any combination of those.


1 c. heavy cream, whipped until very thick

2 T. ground chia seeds, soaked for 15 minutes in 1 c. + 2 T. water (a gel will form)

3 oz. cream cheese, softened

6 extra large strawberries (about 1½” in diameter)

1 pkt. stevia

liquid Splenda to taste (add slowly and taste)

DIRECTIONS:   Soak chia seeds with water in lidded jar for 15 minutes.  Shake chia gel to uniformly mix the seed particles in the gel.  Whip cream until thick and set aside. Add chia gel to food processor.  Add berries, cream cheese and stevia.  Process until cream cheese is smoothly mixed with all ingredients.  Add whipped cream and pulse a couple times to blend.  Begin adding liquid Splenda in say 4 drip increments, pulse and taste.  Repeat, adding as many as needed to sweeten to your liking.  Spoon into 6 decorative dishes, chill for 1 hour.  You can garnish with a strawberry, preserves or whipped cream or fresh mint if you like.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 6 servings, each contains:  (garnish choices are not included below)

206 calories

20.5 g  fat

4.8 g  carbs, 1.62 g  fiber, 3.18 g  NET CARBS

2.57 g  protein

585 mg sodium

88 mg potassium

30 % RDA Vitamin A, 22% vitamin C, <10% all other macronutrients

13 thoughts on “Chia Strawberry Chantilly

    1. Welcome, Margaret! I’m so glad you liked this! The chia gel changes the texture a bit from the original recipe, but it’s barely detectable and such a nutritious ingredient! I try to introduce a little chia seeds (ground) wherever I can. This also will make up nicely with fresh raspberries. 🙂

  1. Karen

    Hi Peggy,
    Since chia is such a dark color, would adding cocoa help with the color and add the chocolate flavor. How much cocoa would you add?

    1. My chia seeds are a 50:50 mixture of the white and the black, plus they are ground before soaking in water, so they are barely visible in this. The color, therefore, isn’t detectable in this finished creme dessert. I don’t think cocoa would be very good in this with the strawberries, too. Now making up a chocolate version, with NO strawberries, would sure be good. If you wanted to try that, I’m not sure on the amount. So I’d start by adding 2 T., process a bit, taste, and add more if you feel it needs more chocolate taste. A chocolate version will need more sweetener, most likely.

      1. Karen

        Thank you for your reply. I thought that maybe straw & choc would be a good mix. but I guess not. I have never seen the white chia seeds. I am going to try your recipe w/o the chocolate and maybe experiment with the chocolate later.
        Love those chia seeds. I am having a rice cake with peanut butter and chia on top right now. Chia seed in my salad with strawberries are also great. Love the crunch.

        1. DO let me know how the coco-strawberry mixture comes out. I’d LOVE to know! I actually keep a salt shaker on my dining room table filled with ground chia for sprinkling on lots of things: soups, salads, stews, stir-fries, you name it. A sprinkle a day keeps the doctor away. 🙂

    1. I like the texture, too, Laura. But honestly, even that was lost amongst the fresh strawberry seeds in the puree this was made with. But the health benefits of chia sure weren’t lost. 🙂

  2. crazywoman/Billie

    It does sound yummy. But it will be a while before I try it. But I DO plan on trying it!
    Yes, Did get quite a little snow storm! Not sure how much snow we actually got (inches wise), as we also had a LOT of WIND, and it realllly drifted. I have close to 4′ of snow in some areas I think (maybe 3′ tops, I didn’t go measure lol), and basically no ground cover other areas. My drive is snowed in as is typical when we have blowing snow. i have a snow plow, but it is buried by the snow!! Well, note exactly buried, but the snow drifts are surrounding it! Now sure if I could have gotten it started anyway in this cold (it’s temperamental, and doesn’t like me. ), And the snow is so deep & wide, that it would be hard to plow out anyway. So, I’ll just wait. It’ll thaw one of these days!!
    My husband is actually in west TX. He called & asked how I was doing, but I didn’t even think to ask what the weather did there!
    I heard we had a record low High yesterday (Tues). They said 12° high. My thermometer (I have a high/low indoor outdoor) said high was 13° and that was at 12:15AM! Most of the day it was 6°! Today it got up to a whopping 16°!

  3. crazywoman/Billie

    Oooo, that looks Good Peggy!!!!

    I’d sure think about making it SOON, but I just made a dessert that will last me for a WHILE, and besides I have no strawberries, and I’m snowed in. Won’t be going anywhere for a while.
    But sure want that on my to do list for one of these days!!

    1. It’s so light and creamy, Billie. You’ll like it, I’m sure….whenever you try it.
      I bet you DID get a bunch of the snow we’re hearing about on TV. Worst we got out of the front here in Central Texas was some rain earlier this morning mixed with a few minutes of pea-sized hail. It sure had gotten cold out though. Well…..cold for Texas in April, anyway. We did get a freak snow in mid-April about 10 years ago. It’s dropping to 39º tonight.

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