Gluten-Free Grain-Free Cinnamon Bread

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This is a tasty breakfast variation using my gluten-free focaccia bread recipe.  I just shaped the batter into 9 individual Cinnamon Bread Buns and sprinkled cinnamon and Steviva (blend of stevia and erythritol)  on them.   Hot out of the oven with butter they were VERY good.   They’re really too thin to slice, but making fewer would make them thicker, thus making it possible to slice them for broiler toasting (I would pre-butter if broiling).  This is suitable for Phase 2 of Atkins when you reach the nuts and seeds rung of the carb ladder.  These are not suitable for Primal-Paleo unless you eat whey protein powder and cheese occasionally.

VARIATION:  You can snip a very few raisins to add for a raisin bread version.  You can add a little finely chopped, peeled peach or nectarine for a tasty version. You need to add those carbs below if you add raisins or peaches.


½ c. almond flour

¼ c. golden flax meal

¼ c. unflavored, unsweetened whey protein powder

1 tsp. baking powder

3 T. cream cheese, softened

2 large eggs, beaten

1 c. grated Monterrey Jack cheese

½ c. grated Mozzarella cheese

1 tsp. cider vinegar

1 T. heavy cream

1 T. water


about 2 tsp. Steviva or sweetener of your choice

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.  Soften cream cheese in medium mixing bowl in microwave.  Beat in the eggs, cream, water, vinegar and both cheeses.  Measure and add in all the dry ingredients and stir well with a rubber spatula. Line a sheet pan either with parchment paper or silicone sheet.  Scoop the batter onto the prepared pan into 9 equal portions. I used a 1/4 c. measuring cup.  Spreading the batter out the size of a slice of bread.  Sprinkle tops with cinnamon and 1/4 tsp. Steviva or other sweetener of your choosing.  Pop into 350º oven and bake for about 20 minutes or until done to the touch in the center and just beginning to lightly brown.  If you wish to broiler toast them, put some melted butter on top of each and broil to lightly toasted stage.  Store leftovers, once cooled, in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 9 pieces, each contains:

149 cals, 11.5g fat, 3.5g carbs, 2.1g fiber, 1.4g NET CARBS, 10.1g protein, 204 mg sodium

18 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Grain-Free Cinnamon Bread

  1. Penney

    Love these…I also make your focaccia all the time…I love it…next time will shape into buns and going to try pizza…I sprinkle all different spices each time I make this. Make at least 2 times a month. Don’t worry about exact measurements for the cheese this recipe is very forgiving.

    1. If I can remember to do that. But Donna, the weight won’t be any more exact than my cup measurements. Every time I scoop up 1/2 c. (or 1 c. cheese), it will vary slightly from the LAST time I scooped it out of the bag. My point, is that THAT level of exactness has no bearing on how/whether this bread bakes up correctly. Bakes up well even with those slight variances from one batch to the next. 🙂

    1. Oh, I’m just delighted you liked it, Marisa! This basic bread batter is proving to be VERY versatile. I made a batch today (plain) and made a tasty sausage gravy to put on a toasted slice of it. Mmmm was it good!

      1. Wow that sounds yummy. I also toasted it a spread some peanut butter on it for breakfast. It was delicious. In looking to increase my protein in the morning since eggs are not an option, these are great. I’m also thinking of some sort of low carb protein powder muffins… 🙂

        1. I’ve baked it successfully in a loaf, Marisa, so I’m sure it will make great muffin shapes, too, with whatever “flavor additives” you want to add. Not sure how many it will make, but rhe recipe made a small loaf about 2″ tall, so maybe 8 muffins? baked for 15-18 minutes?

  2. sjwnana1

    Oh My Dear Miss Peggy
    this will be fantastic and I have not made anything new in a while..and here you come with a great idea
    thank you so much…
    have a super day

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