Grilled Grass-Fed Hanging Tender (“Hanger Steak”)

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I find myself liking grass-fed beef more and more.  Not only is it healthier for you, but if cooked properly, it is NOT tough.  Hanging Tender (also known as Hanger Steak, is one of the prized cuts of beef.  Is the one the butcher likes to save for himself!  Now I know why!  This was DELICIOUS!!  Here’s a little video from a professional chef that tells you all about this cut of beef: The flavor of this cut falls  somewhere between grilled chuck and ribeye to me. The pictured piece of meat weighed about 2 lbs. and was marinated for about 3 hours in my Peppered Rib Roast marinade (I made up only 1/2 that marinade recipe) seen here:  Of course you can marinate your Hanger Steak in your favorite marinade, but this marinade never  disappoints on beef.  The nutritional counts for this recipe would naturally vary depending on the marinade you choose to use for your steak.  So all I am showing below is the count for a 4 oz. serving of grass-fed beef.  You will have to calculate the amount of meet eaten and then also add in the numbers for the marinade used.  This recipe is suitable for all phases of Atkins and for Primal and Paleo devotees as well.


2 lbs. trimmed grass-fed Hanging Tender (Hanger Steak)

1 recipe your favorite beef marinade

DIRECTIONS:  Trim any sinew or membrane the butcher may have left on the surface of the meat.  Season the the meat with pepper (I don’t like to salt meat prior to cooking as I think this draws out vital juices). Mix your marinade ingredients in a shallow ceramic or glass dish. Place the meat in the dish.  Using a basting brush or spoon, drizzle the marinade all over the top surface of the meat. Flip and repeat on bottom surface. Cover and place in refrigerator for 3 hours (or longer).  Drizzle the marinade 2 more times times at hour intervals, turning the meat over each time so you can baste both sides.  When ready to cook, prepare a hot bed of coals on your charcoal grill.  You want to grill this like you would a large steak, fairly close to the coals for best surface charring.  If you want your meat rare, the above-pictured piece was cooked 15 minutes on each side. For medium rare, cook about 20 minutes on a side. For medium, 25 minutes on a side.  Larger pieces will of course take a little longer for each stage. You do not want to cook grass-fed beef well-done or you will likely render it unpleasantly tough. Remember, grass-fed beef grazes….and all that walking reduces fat marbling in those muscles. This meat is VERY lean!  I can tell you for certain the above-pictured steak was as tender as any rare ribeye or tenderloin I’ve ever eaten!

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Number of servings determined by consumer.  I would guess 4-8 servings.  Each 4 oz. serving has approximately: (remember to add in your numbers for the marinade you select)

340 calories

22 g fat

0 g  carbs, 0 fiber, 0 net carbs

32 g  protein

50 mg sodium

29% RDA Vitamin B6, 305% B12, 33% copper, 90% iron, 10% magnesium, 56% phosphorous, 64% selenium, 10% thiamin, 182% zinc

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