Chicken Quesadillas

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You guys know how I am about using up leftovers promptly and making them totally different than how they were cooked the first time around.  Well, I had one small chicken thigh and half a chicken breast leftover from my baked chicken in the refrigerator and wanted to use it up for lunch. Chopped up, it totaled about 1½ c. chicken meat.  It make the most delicious quesadillas shown above.   I haven’t made quesadillas since we left the Texas Gulf Coast and it just seemed a great way to use up that chicken. Good decision! They really hit the spot!  Whipped up a little Chimichurri Sauce and  a batch of my No-Flour Tortillas and then it was easy sailing.   These lovelies are not suitable until the grains rung of Atkins Phase 2 OWL and are not suitable for Paleo-Primal.  Keto followers can have them if the carbs will fit into your daily limits.


4  my Low Carb Flour Tortillas  (or other brand)

2 T. my chimichurri sauce

1½ c. cooked chicken, chopped, skin removed

1 c. shredded Monterey Jack cheese

DIRECTIONS:  Make the flour tortillas according to that recipe and set aside.  Make your Chimichurri Sauce according to that recipe and set aside.  Chop the chicken meat and place in a mixing bow.  Add the grated cheese and stir.   The chimichurri sauce can either be tossed in with the meat and cheese for more uniform distribution, or dotted on top of the mixture during assembly.

Place 2 tortillas on a lightly buttered griddle.  Top each with half the meat/cheese mixture.  Dot them with the chimichurri sauce if you didn’t already toss it into the meat mixture.   Place another tortilla on top and turn the heat to medium-high on the griddle. As cheese begins to melt, press the quesadillas with a spatula as the first side browns.  This will facilitate the top tortilla bonding with melting cheese, making them easier to flip.  When the first side is browned, carefully flip the quesadilla over and brown the second side, continuing to press with your spatula as it browns. When done, remove to plates or a large platter and with a knife, cut into quarters.  Serve with a tasty guacamole salad.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 2 whole quesadillas or 8 wedge piecesI cut mine into quarters.  However my husband and I both found we could only eat 3 of the 4 pieces on our plate.  So I am providing below the values for 1 whole, uncut quesadilla and you will need to calculate the numbers consumed based on how much of the quesadilla you actually eat.

1 whole quesadilla contains:  699 cals, 55.2 g fat, 10.35 g carbs, 3.1 g fiber, 7.25 g NET CARBS, 42.7 g protein, 950 mg sodium

1 wedge (1/4) contains:  175 cals, 13.8 g fat, 2.59 g carbs, 0.76 g fiber, 1.83 g NET CARBS, 10.70 g protein, 238 mg sodium


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