Potato Hack Soup (Dairy Free)

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Let me say right up front this soup is NOT SO LOW CARB!  But it is dairy-free, so  when you just have to have REAL potato soup but are avoiding dairy, or just don’t want a low-carb cauliflower imitation, for whatever reason (special diet or allergies), this one really “scratches that itch”. I created this recipe for those that follow the Potato Hack diet (which I tried for a brief period in my life).  It has just 11.74 net carbs per serving yet keeps the calories and fat low.  To compare, my Cauliflower Soup has 6.35 net carbs per serving, but you pay a price in the cream it contains.  And best of all, this soup is just as delicious and even easier to make!   If you’re already at goal weight and can afford the calories and carbs for the additions, by all means, a little butter, heavy cream and maybe a pinch of Chef Emeril Legasse’s famous spice blend will “kick this up a notch” nicely and enhance the final soup.    Because I use an immersion/stick blender, the potato peelings can be left on so as to not lose the nutrients to be had therein.  They are dispersed so finely from the pureeing, you won’t even realize they are in the soup!  Same for the green onion.

This recipe is not suitable until you are nearly at goal weight, or the starchy vegetable rung of the Atkins Phase 2 OWL carb ladder.  This soup is perfectly OK for Primal-Paleo diners.


24 oz. white potatoes (about 8 small), washed but do not peel

4 c. tap water

1 c. homemade chicken broth (chilled and fat removed)

2 large green onions, chopped

Dash each sea salt and black pepper

DIRECTIONS:  Wash and cut up the potatoes.   Place them in medium-large soup pot.  Add 4 c. water (more if potatoes are not fully covered). Add 1 c. homemade 99% fat-free chicken stock for flavor (I chill mine and scoop off all fat off the top).  Bring potatoes to boil in the water/stock mixture. Add salt and pepper and lower to a medium boil.  While they cook, clean and coarsely chop the green onion.  Once the potatoes are tender when a knife is inserted into them, using an immersion blender (or food processor or blender) puree the potatoes and liquid until smooth.  Add onion and pulse some more.  Serve at once.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes eight 1-cup servings, each contains:

62 calories

.16 g  fat

13.95 g  carbs, 2.21 g  fiber, 11.74 g  NET CARBS

1.68 g  protein

16 mg sodium

364 mg potassium

24%  RDA Vitamin C, 13% copper


6 thoughts on “Potato Hack Soup (Dairy Free)

    1. You know, it’s amazing that sometimes a veggie in its near pure form, when pureed, doesn’t even need butter or cream. Hard to improve on the flavor or nutrition of a good potato!

  1. Weaving Reader

    Thanks for your answer, Waxy potatoes are the red ones while the russets are classified as mealy so I think the choice would make a difference in this recipe.

    1. I’ve always thought of red potatoes as “creamy” rather than “waxy”. Whites are definitely “mealy”. I still don’t think it makes any difference which you use when they are pureed into liquid/soup. But I prefer reds for most all my recipes just because they are more moist and require less butter IMO.

  2. I honestly have no idea what you mean by a waxy potato. It doesn’t really matter what kind of potatoes you use, but I used white Idaho russets. I’ve also made it with red skinned potatoes.

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