Sofrito “Burgers”

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My husband requested grilled burgers for the 4th of July so that’s what we did.  I aim to please.  🙂 He, of course, had his on ciabatta buns with the classic toppings of lettuce, tomato and pickles.  I was originally planning on using one of my low-carb sandwich buns, but decided to eat mine bunless instead, as shown above with a nice, sweet microwaved baked turnip drenched in butter on the side.  Although two patties made for a prettier picture, the days of my being able to eat 2 burger patties are long gone.  I was only able to eat one of the patties shown.  This is yet another delicious use of my newly-discovered Sofrito recipe!  I confess I haven’t put this sauce on anything I haven’t liked it on!  LOVE this stuff!  This burger recipe is certainly suitable for all phases of Atkins, Primal Blueprint and Paleo as well.  I hope you enjoy these as much as we did.


2 lb. 90% ground beef, preferably grass-fed

8 tsp. bacon grease (omit if using 70% beef; only 4 tsp. if using 80% beef)

8 T. Sofrito

2 ripe avocados

DIRECTIONS:  Prepare your charcoal fire.  While the fire is getting ready, make the Sofrito in a food processor or blender according to that recipe’s directions.  Using a fork or your hands, blend the bacon grease uniformly into the meat.  Form into eight  4-oz. patties.  When fire is hot, grill meat patties until done to your liking.  Plate the meat, slicing 1/4 avocado onto each patty.  Spoon 1 T. sofrito on top of each meat patty either as shown above, or if using buns, you might prefer to spread the sofrito evenly on the meat first and then top with the slices of avocado.  Serve with your favorite sides or on low-carb sandwich buns with a slice of tomato and/or whatever extra toppings you like.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 8 servings, each contains:

351 calories

29.4 g  fat

4.58 g  carbs, 3.14 g  fiber, 1.44 g  NET CARBS

21 g  protein

96 mg sodium

250 mg potassium

13% RDA Vitamin C, 9% copper, 30% iron, <10% all other macronutrients

4 thoughts on “Sofrito “Burgers”

  1. Joyce

    Thank you so much for your baked “potato” recipe! I was so intrigued, I searched your site and found the recipe to print out! So clever! Yes, your burgers look beautiful, but I always get excited when I find good substitutes for potatoes. I’ve been making mashed cauliflower for years now and still love them better than mashed potatoes! And now this! I can’t wait to buy me some turnips. Thank you. Keep these great recipes comin’!

    1. You know I will, Joyce. Glad you like the baked turnip! Actually, I got that idea from someone ont he Atkins official forums several years ago. Best way to have turnips IMO. LOVE EM myself, too. I’m hopelessly addicted to cooking and creating new things to eat. All the better when they turn out to be good for you, too. 🙂

    1. Well, it’s just a regular turnip, Jen, but I find them terribly sweet when baked in a microwave and eaten like a baked potato with butter. Not at all strong or “turnip-y” like when turnips are cooked other methods. Not sure why this is so, but it seems to be.

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