Sofrito Mayonnaise

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When they’re in season in the summer, my husband just LOVES sliced tomatoes with mayonnaise for a quick salad.  I made something for him today at lunch that came out real good!  He originally asked if I could mix up a little of my caper mayonnaise, which he loves dearly with tomatoes:  But I discovered my bottle of capers is all used up and I keep forgetting to get a replacement. So I thought a minute and remembered the sofrito sauce in the freezer and decided it would be good used this way.  Well, suffice it to say I’ve found yet another tasty way to use this flavorful little sauce!    What a mouth explosion it brings to everything I’ve tried it in or on!   This delicious mayonnaise is suitable for all phases of Atkins, Ketogenic Diets and Paleo-Primal followers as well.


½ c. homemade mayo (my recipe here:

2 T. (more or less to taste) sofrito sauce (recipe here: )

Dash salt and black pepper

DIRECTIONS:   Make the mayonnaise per that recipe’s instructions (or use whatever plan acceptable mayo you prefer).  Make the sofrito sauce per that recipe’s instructions.  Measure out ½ c. of the mayo for this recipe into a small bowl and chill the rest in a lidded jar for future use.  Add 2 T. of the sofrito and stir, freezing or chilling the remainder in a plastic sandwich bag for future use.   Serve alongside sliced fresh tomatoes, to dress up a chicken or turkey sandwich or for tartar sauce applications!  Anywhere you use mayo, I suspect this might be good, the uses are many!

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes about ½ cup or 8 T.  Each tablespoon has:

106 calories

11.7 g  fat

.3 g  carbs, .908 g  fiber, .22 g  NET CARBS

.4 g  protein

27 mg sodium

10 mg potassium

28% RDA Vitamin B12, 13% E, 14% phosphorous, 22% riboflavin, 30% selenium

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