BBC Film on the Low Carb Diet

I found this film evoked some interesting thoughts on theories about why low carb dieting works and whether it is or is not dangerous.  I hope my readers will find it as clear, interesting and informative as I did. It’s a little long, but well worth a listen all the way to the end.  Makes me feel I’m doing things right by my way of eating.  My recent blood work numbers would indicate that to be the case.


15 thoughts on “BBC Film on the Low Carb Diet

  1. I am happy to read whatever you write about! It does not need to be only recipes. Variety is the spice of life. Thanks for all you do. I have a question, who inspires you regarding low carb and how do you stay motivated to not stray?

    1. The only thing that inspires anyone to stay on any diet or eating regimen is oneself. Although I do admire folks that have lost 75-100#, they are not what keeps me on it. I have to be my own motivation. When one is about to reach for the forbidden food, only the voice in one’s own head can talk you out of it successfully.

      1. I know it is ultimately only our own choices. You have to want it for yourself.
        I am inspired by you and others that give me ideas, choices, variety. I just wondered if it was the same for you. I have lost 65 pounds, and am struggling to maintain. I have a sign in the kitchen that says.” Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”, hoping to motivate myself. How do you motivate yourself? Thanks in advance.

      2. Congrats on your incredible weight loss!! You must be very proud. On how I motivate myself, I read articles almost daily on the internet about the diseases and health issues I will face if I DON’T lose and keep the weight off. Sadly, losing and maintaining is a battle that never ends for the majority of the population. As soon as my lab tests have my numbers creeping up to the higher end of the normal range for anything, I Google and read what I can do AHEAD of disease/issues to proactively pull those numbers to the middle/low end of the normal range. I’m not by nature a procrastinator, so I’m not inclined to wait until my numbers are out of range to take action. Just the kind of person I am.

  2. This addresses the missing info that so many can’t understand about thermodynamics by Gary Taubes PHD, with an alphabet of educational letters behind his name. It too is about an hour and ten minutes long. If more people could see this so many lifes could be saved. Well worth the time to watch.

    1. Thanks. I’m very familiar with Taubes work. Have read GCBC and WWGF. Can’t get my husband to buy into low-carb 100%. He eats what I cook him at meals, but still eats real bread, candy and stuff he shouldn’t as “supplements”. Heck, I can’t even get him to read the abridged WWGF. Why are some men so stubborn? He’s an avid reader, with two degrees and he won’t even read the darn book! How can we help people that insist on keeping their head in the sand? I learned years ago we can’t diet for somebody else. They have to want to do it themselves.

    1. Welcome Jay. I hope your low-carb experience brings the weight loss and health is has brought so many people I talk with. I just had lab work done this week myself with a new physician and the numbers were VERY good. I’ve been doing this 4 years now. My new doc said “keep doing whatever your doing with your diet. It’s obviously working for you.” She’s OK with low-carb; my last doc wasn’t. 🙂

    I will con’t my Low Carb life…my blood sugar thanks me!
    My faulty metabolism needs all the help it can get!
    With diabetes in my family history…prevention is better than cure.
    Thank you so very much for sharing all your very hard work…revising and tweaking to make all the recipes…just right.
    You are a blessing!

    1. I’m sure a low-carb program will help with metabolic issues as well as blood sugar, PJ. I hope my recipes can help you enjoy those low-carb meals along you journey to better health.

  4. I have to agree. Particularly coconut oil is
    filling and satisfying. And I find when I’m hungry, it’s often pure butter on a few LC crackers that satisfies me best, not sweets, not cheese, with meat coming in a close second. 🙂 My husband and I are eating a lot less volume-wise this year (our 4th year LC’ing) as well.

  5. Very interesting. I enjoyed it and will keep it in my library. Although I have been on the Atkins diet in the past, I don’t believe that I would go on it as written again. High protein, yes, but moderate fats and more low glycemic veggies and fruits.

    1. Welcome Jeannette! The New Atkins program DOES stress low-glycemic veggies, and when you get closer to goal, the low-glycemic fruit as well. And I think as you move through the carb ladder, the fats automatically have to drop as you begin to add in more carbs. So it sounds like your plan is right along the guidelines of the New Atkins book. It’s certainly how I’m eating. 🙂

  6. Your site is tremendous! I like it better than Atkins ever was. Wonderful,. easy to navigate and you know what you are talking and writing about. Keep up the Great Work! a fan in AZ. 81, years old, who still needs re-inforcement and loving your recipes & site!Joyce Livengood,Sun City,AZ

    1. I’m so glad you like the site format and recipes, Joyce. My post of this video is the very first non-recipe post in 4 years. I’ve worked hard at keeping my site recipes and nothing but recipes. I was just so impressed with how the case for Atkins low carb was presented and how their scientific thinking unfolded in this video I just had to share it here. I applaud your Atkins stick-tuitiveness at 81 and hope your weight loss journey is progressing as you would like. Know that I believe the film is on the right track and that we ARE on the right road to better health, whether we ever get to goal weight or not. Thanks so much for being a loyal reader, Joyce. Your support of the site is greatly appreciated.

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