Crawfish-Clam Chowder

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Crawfish-Clam Chowder

I made a lovely seafood chowder today with a handful of crawfish I had leftover in the fridge, and a large can of baby clams.  Using my last zucchini in the house for the “potatoes” in my chowder, the marriage of flavors in this soup was meant to be.  It came out VERY tasty and its extremely nutritious. Just get a load of the macro stats below!  That is NOT a mistake on the B12.  Clams are just so good for you.  My hubby was not home today, so there is enough leftover for us to have for lunch tomorrow when he gets home.  He’s going to really like this one!  This is suitable for all phases of Atkins and Keto diets.  It is not suitable for Paleo but Primal folks who eat a little dairy once in awhile can enjoy this.

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2 T. unsalted butter

10 oz. zucchini, diced

1 oz. onion, sliced

4 oz. crawfish tails

1 10.5-oz can of whole baby clams with their clam juice

¼ tsp. my Seafood Spice Blend

Dash each garlic powder and black pepper

¼ c. heavy cream

2 c. homemade seafood stock (I always boil my shrimp shells for mine and freeze)

1  4-oz can mushrooms, drained

½ c. shredded Cheddar cheese

3″ green onion, minced fine (for garnish)

DIRECTIONS:  Melt butter in medium soup pot.  Saute onion until it begins to soften.  Add zucchini and saute until just tender-crisp. Add spices, cream, crawfish and clams with their juice, the seafood stock (you can use chicken stock if you do not have any), mushrooms and Cheddar cheese.  Lower heat to medium and allow the cheese to melt, stirring often to prevent it from burning on the bottom of the pan. Cheddar does not melt easily in liquid.  Allow cream to thicken up a few minutes or you can thicken (if desired) with your favorite thickener.  Serve piping hot with a sprinkle of green onion on top for garnish.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes four 1-cup servings.  Each contains:

285 calories

17.3 g  fat

11.35 g  carbs, 2.42 g  fiber, 8.93 g  NET CARBS (clams are a bit carb-y)

22 g protein

350 mg sodium


11 comments on “Crawfish-Clam Chowder

    • I don’t have Trader Joes nearby. They just went into the Texas market last year and only in 3 major cities not so convenient to me. But I can check my Walmart if I ever run out. I’ve just always made my own since it’s so easy, and I always have shrimp shells I can boil. 🙂


  1. Do you need the clams for this recipe, if I can omit it by any chance would you know the carb count without it? Thanks in advance


    • No clams aren’t essential. I don’t have the counts without them and because so many people tweak and vary the recipes, I’m not able to gen3erate counts for all those variations. I’m sure you understand. I will tell you says 10.5 oz canned clams has 9.6 total carbs, 0 fiber so the carbs would go down about 2.8 carbs 0 fiber per serving. But I don’t know the total nutritional breakdown.


    • I only wish we had a Fresh Market where I live. But making my own from seafood shells has never been a problem for me. It’s so good, what you make yourself. I just keep all my shells in a plastic bag in my freezer and when I have a big batch, I make my stock.


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