Chicken Shawarma “Waldorf Salad”

Chicken Shawarma Waldorf Salad

I was originally going to make my regular Chicken Waldorf Salad recipe for super tonight.   But my husband wanted a green salad, so we agreed to compromise and serve the Waldorf Salad basically atop a nice tossed green salad.  I used the Shawarma Mayo Dressing I usually use on my Waldorf Salad but also added a bit of the Shawarma seasoning to the chicken when I sauteed it in the skillet.  This salad is delicious!  I can get by using a little less dressing serving it this way, too.  🙂  This salad is not suitable until Atkins Pre-Maintenance or Maintenance due to the apple, unless you have reached the higher-carb fruits level of the carb ladder in Phase 2.  It’s one of the carbier recipes on my website with the apple in it. More delicious low-carb recipes can be at your fingertips with your very own set of Jennifer Eloff and friends’ best-selling cookbooks LOW CARBING AMONG FRIENDS.  She has collaborated with famous low-carb Chef George Stella and several other talented chefs to bring you a wealth of delicious recipes you are going to want to try.  Even a few of my recipes are in her cookbooks! Order your 5-volume set TODAY! (available individually) from Amazon or: DISCLAIMER: By personal choice, I do not get paid for this book promotion or for the inclusion of my recipes therein.  I do so merely because they are GREAT cookbooks any low-carb cook would be proud to add to their cookbook collection. INGREDIENTS: 3 oz. raw chicken breast, cut in bite-sized pieces 1 T. unsalted butter 1½ c. mixed salad greens 2 oz. diced apple (or you can sub in 1 oz. pomegranate kernels) 8-9 walnut halves, broken up a bit 1½ T. homemade mayo ¼ tsp. my Shawarma Spice Blend (or I like even more) DIRECTIONS:   Mix most of the Shawarma Spice blend into the homemade mayo and refrigerate until ready to serve.  Melt the butter in a skillet.  Add chicken and sprinkle with a tiny bit of the Shawarma Spice blend as you saute it until golden brown.  Fill your salad bowl with mixed salad greens.    Top with chicken.  Sprinkle on broken up walnuts and diced apple.  Serve the Shawarma mayo dressing either in the center of the bed of greens or separately at the table.  ENJOY! NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes just 1 salad, so you’ll need to adjust for more people.  Each salad contains: 587 calories 51 g  fat 14.3 g  carbs, 4.7 g  fiber, 9.6 g  NET CARBS 28.8 g  protein 165 mg sodium

4 thoughts on “Chicken Shawarma “Waldorf Salad”

    1. Welcome to the site, James. Actually, I do use more spice on mine, but I tend to go lighter in published recipes as others might not be as fond of the Shawarma Blend as I am. I figure they can always increase over time as suits their palate. 🙂

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