Rum Balls

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Low-Carb Rum Balls

I have modified my traditional rum ball recipe I always do for the holidays and the low-carb version is VERY tasty.  These can also be made up as Bourbon Balls. I was amazed that they taste just like my tried-and-true original recipe!  They were a regular in my house when I was a child and they’ll make a wonderful addition to your Holiday candy tray! These are not acceptable for Atkins Induction Phase.  They are OK for all other phases and for Keto dieters as well.

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¾ c. almond meal

¼ c. plain whey protein

1 c. finely chopped walnuts or pecans

½ c. cocoa, sifted

¼ c. powdered erythritol, sifted

4 T. melted butter

14 drops liquid sweetener (I use EZSweets in the large bottle)

2 T. rum

FOR OUTER COATING: 2 T. more erythritol + ½ c. more finely chopped walnuts or pecans mixed together in a small bowl.

DIRECTIONS: Mix first 5 dry ingredients in a medium bowl.  Add liquid sweetener and rum to melted butter and stir into batter until well mixed.  It should begin to form a smooth batter.  Spoon up and using hands, form into eighteen ¾-1″ balls.  To finish them off, roll around in pecan coating (I found I had to press firmly onto surface) for as even a coating as you can get.  Store in air-tight container with wax paper between layers.  Store in refrigerator until ready to serve.  These can be frozen.

VARIATION:  For Bourbon Balls, use an equivalent amount of bourbon for the rum.  🙂

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 18 balls, each containing:

136 calories

12 g  fat

3.75 g  carbs, 1.71 g  fiber, 2.04 g  NET CARBS

3.21 g  protein

4 mg. sodium


2 thoughts on “Rum Balls

  1. You did it again. These are great and very similar to the high carb version. I added 1 T. VitaFiber to help them stick together and 1 T. extra bourbon because we like them strong. I can’t stop eating them! Thanks for the great recipe.

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