Beef Pie

Beef Pie

Beef Pie

I fell in love with Pork Pies in Britain.  So I thought I’d apply that approach to a beef pie.  So tonight I gave it a whirl as I wanted to try some Einkorn flour in my best pie crust, slightly tweaked.   I order my Einkorn flour direct from Jovial Foods. Yes, I’ve read the books and yes, I understand what eating modern wheat does to us metabolically.  This is ancient wheat that has not been genetically modified and I choose to do some moderate experimenting with it.  If you do not wish to eat it, use 1/4 c. more of the bake mix in your crust.  I often serve a light cream sauce atop my meat pies and it was delicious added to this one.  But I know that’s not traditional for British meat pies, so I didn’t picture it that way above. 🙂

The final dish was absolutely delicious!  I decided I wanted a 2-crust pie, and I’m glad I did.  The final dish was not to wet; not too dry……just the right moisture level.  It was also a good filling-to-crust ratio!  I could even slice it like a real pie!  My husband just loved this dish.   The carb count is a little higher than I like, but not bad really, considering there is ¼ c. real flour in it and it has both a bottom and top crust!  You could cut carbs by only doing crust on the top, but that wouldn’t be a traditional British meat pie then, would it?  😉

This recipe is not suitable until you reach the grains level at Pre-Maintenance or Maintenance in the Atkins program.  This recipe is probably too high in carbs for a Keto diet unless you are at or near goal weight.  It is not suitable for Primal-Paleo, but if you sub in a plan-suitable crust you could certainly eat this. 🙂

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½ c. Jennifer Eloff’s Gluten Free Bake Mix

¼ c. Einkorn flour (or ¼ c. more of the bake mix above)

2/3 c. golden flax meal

2/3 c. oat fiber (I order from

¼ tsp. salt

4 T. cold butter

2 eggs, beaten

3 oz. heavy cream (¼ c. + 2 T.)


1 lb. lean ground beef (I used grass-fed)

2 oz. onion, chopped

1 c. carrots, diced

1 c. frozen green beans, chopped small

1 c. yellow squash, diced (1 small one)

¼ c. homemade mayonnaise

2/3 c. good beef gravy (I save any leftover after cooking roasts and freeze for such uses)

1 beaten egg

Dash each salt and pepper

DIRECTIONS:   Make the pie crust dough first.  Measure all the dry ingredients into a bowl. Stir to blend. Cut in the butter until it is well blended and the mixture resembles coarse cornmeal.  Beat the eggs with the cream and work it into the crumbly mixture with a fork until it is well-blended and forms a solid ball of dough.  Set the dough in your fridge to chill while you make the filling.

Preheat oven to 350º.  Remove the pie crust from the fridge and divide it into 2 portions, one slightly larger than the other.  Take the larger portion and set it on the bottom of the pie plate or baking dish (I used a spring form pan).  Press the dough evenly onto the bottom and up 1¼” up the sides of the pie plate or whatever dish/pan you are using.  Place remaining dough back into the fridge for further chilling. Pop the bottom crust into a preheated 350º oven and bake until half done and dry to the touch but not brown (about 15 minutes).

Prepare the filling while the bottom crust is baking.  For the filling, brown the ground beef in a skillet over medium-high heat, stirring and crumbling as it cooks.  When almost done, add the vegetables.  Cook, stirring often, until the vegetables are tender, but not mushy.  Turn the heat off and stir in the prepared beef gravy, the beaten egg, dash of salt and pepper and the homemade mayo (I used my seasoned Shawarma Mayo). Set the meat mixture aside.  The bottom crust should be done now.   Remove it from the oven.  Spoon the beef filling carefully into the bottom crust.  Set aside.

Now place the remaining chilled ball of dough onto a sheet of plastic wrap on your counter.  Place a  second sheet of plastic wrap on top, press down with your hand a bit.  With a rolling pin, roll the crust slightly larger than your pie plate or baking dish.  It will be about 3/16″ thick. Remove the top piece of plastic.  You’re going to pick up and let the pastry fold downward onto itself by pick it up, plastic and all, holding it at an imaginary mid-point line, allowing it to fold downwards, plastic touching plastic.  Lay the folded crust side onto the top of the pan, lining up the fold with the mid-point of the pie plate.  Then gently unfold the other half and peel off the plastic wrap gently.   Press down the top crust onto the bottom crust to try and seal it a bit to avoid juices oozing out during baking.  If your top crust breaks apart a bit (mine did a bit), just press the portions together with a moistened finger as necessary.  Set the pan on a cookie sheet pan (to catch any that bubbles-over) and pop it into a hot 350º oven and bake for about 35-40 minutes or until browned nicely.  I served this with a tossed green salad topped with a raspberry vinaigrette.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 8 servings, each contains:

424 calories

36 g  fat

20.42 g  carbs, 12.22 g  fiber, 8.2 g  NET CARBS

22.6 g  protein

219 mg sodium


2 comments on “Beef Pie

  1. Thanks for sharing the ‘Gluten Free Mix’. I never make anything calling for the mix, because most of them contain rice, soy, tapioca or corn starch, etc. Thanks for one that I can feel comfortable using. You’re the best !


    • I think you’ll be happy baking with it, Donna. It consistently renders good results for me. I often use it in combination with other flours and mixes. the synergy of two together can turn out amazing results!


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