Banana-Coco-Nutty Candy

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Banana-Coco-Nutty Candy

I don’t eat many sweets, but when I do, it’s usually candy or pure chocolate.  I got to thinking about my Peanutty Coconut Candy yesterday and wondered what it would be like with banana in it.  So I mashed one of the beautiful bananas I bought at the store yesterday morning and just took equal amounts of the main ingredients I wanted to include and formed some of the tastiest candies!  They are very filling, too, and one takes the edge off my occasional sweet tooth.  I think I may even like this version better than the original peanut-coconut version!  After popping the candies out of the mold slots, I decided to store them in a zip-loc bag in the freezer.  They don’t get hard, just firm and chewy, so they can be eaten right out of the freezer!

I used 1″ square silicone candy molds to make mine,  but you could also just roll into balls and if desired, coat with more dessicated coconut.  You could also roll into balls and flatten into hockey puck disks.  Or you might roll then into little logs and coat with finely chopped peanuts!  HAVE FUN SHAPING THEM!

These are not suitable until the higher fruit rung of the Atkins Pre-Maintenance or Mainitenance Phase.  They are suitable for Keto diets as well.   The sweetener would have to be modified for this to be acceptable for Primal-Paleo.

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1     6-oz. banana, mashed

1 c. dessicated coconut (unsweetened)

1 c. natural peanut butter (I use Laura Scudder)

3/4 c. erythritol (or other sweetener to equal 3/4 c. sugar)

2 pkts. stevia (I used NuNaturals)

DIRECTIONS:   Using a fork, mash the banana in the bottom of a mixing bowl.  I added the juice of a wedge of lemon to prevent darkening, as candy is slow to be eaten in my house.  Add the peanut butter and stir well to blend.

Add coconut and blend it into the mixture until all ingredients are uniformly mixed.  Press into silicone molds, pressing down firmly.  Set mold on a flat pan and place in freezer for about 2 hours.   The mixture will make 28 small 1″ candies of about 1½-2 T. of the mixture.   Your numbers may vary, so I will provide the nutritional values for the entire recipe so you can calculate your per piece figures from the number you get.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:    (does not include any additional coconut/peanut coating)  Entire recipe contains 3,034 calories, 239 g  fat, 133 g. carbs, 48.3 g fiber, 84.7 g. NET CARBS, 95.7 g. protein.

If yield is 28 pieces, each piece contains:

108 calories

8.55 g  fat

4.75 g  carbs, 1.72 g  fiber, 3.03 g  NET CARBS

3.41 g  protein

37 mg sodium



12 thoughts on “Banana-Coco-Nutty Candy

  1. Definitely will make this next week, thanks, Peggy! I LOVE coconut (I actually put coconut oil in my coffee to help my brain, which needs a lot of assistance, ha, ha!).

    1. I used to add it to coffee daily for the same reason, but now only maybe twice a week. But trust me, the frequency change doesn’t mean I got any smarter in the interim. LOL

      1. Too funny! Actually, I use the coconut oil to help prevent Alzheimer’s (which is what many people fear greatly). There’s some wonderful research about how coconut oil helps maintain a healthy brain in the long run.

        1. Yes, I’m familiar with that research and if you haven’t watched them yet, I highly recommend Dr. Mary Newport’s videos about her husband and how it turned him around quite a bit. (Google). Very impressive, and that’s why I put it in my coffee, too. Mom has dementia and therefore there may be a genetic connection for me. Got to be proactive when it come to THAT disease.

        2. Peggy, Mary Newport’s research is what I was referring to. I sort of didn’t want to mention her name lest I appear to be proselytizing, so I’m glad that you, as owner of this blog, put her name out there. Dr. Newport’s research is absolutely stunning and will encourage many people to incorporate coconut oil in their eating plans, I’m sure!

        3. Well, folks can scoff at her “research methods” but you sure can’t deny his improvements if you watch all 4 videos. What a remarkable reversal he experienced in such a short period of time. Going from almost non-verbal to being quite verbal and able to return to his bookkeeping job again. Simply amazing.

        4. About the coconut oil–my Border Collies, both adopted as seniors from a Border Collie rescue, each get a half-spoonful of coconut oil in their breakfast. Many vets (including mine) recommend it. My last Border Collie lived to 16. 5 years of age, but he suffered canine cognitive dysfunction (doggy Alzheimer’s) in his later years, so I’m hoping to stave this disease off with my two senior dogs this time.

        5. I was just reading about AD in dogs somewhere the other day. Maybe I ought to start my rat terrier (10 y.o.) on some, too. Thanks for the tip, Mary!

        6. And he is a very cute dog, indeed, Peggy! Good luck with him, and I thank you for everything you do for those of us struggling with weight issues. By the way, I ordered the Einkorn wheat, as you suggested, directly from the company and, when it arrived the other day, I looked toward the west (we live in PA) and sent a quick and heartfelt “thank you” to you in Texas!

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