Einkorn Individual Vanilla Cake

Shown on left = 1 recipe, on right is ½ recipe for an interior view.

Shown left = 1 recipe.  Shown right= ½ additional recipe for  interior view.

This little vanilla cake is very light, spongy, smooth and tasty.  It is good eaten alone, or sliced laterally, would make a GREAT cake for Strawberry Shortcake or Peach Shortcake.  It uses my new bake mix.  The cakes above were baked in a microwave.  I couldn’t recommend baking this cake in a conventional oven as the muffin I baked in the oven in a 3¼” ramekin rose half as much and was hard on the surface and dense in texture.  So this cake seems to prefer being microwaved for best results.  This recipe is not suitable until the nuts and seeds rung of the Atkins carb ladder.  It is acceptable for Keto diets if you can fit the carbs into your daily limits.  This is not suitable for Primal-Paleo.


½ c. my Einkorn Bake Mix

1 large egg, beaten

3 T. DaVinci sugar-free vanilla syrup (or 2 T. cream + 1/4 tsp. vanilla + 1 pkt. stevia)

DIRECTIONS:  Beat egg in a 4″ x 6″ ramekin (or two 3″ ramekins).  Add syrup and beat again.   Place dish in microwave and cook on HI for 1 minute or until top is no longer wet.  You can also bake this cake conventionally in a well-greased, wax paper or parchment lined dish at 350º for about 15-20 minutes until the center springs back when touched.   Cool a few minutes.  Run a knife around the edges to loosen and tip out.   Peel off wax-parchment paper from bottom.  Cut in half and serve.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes one 6″ oval cake (cut in half for 2 servings).  Each serving contains:

203 calories, 16.6 g  fat, 8.45 g  carbs, 2.3 g  fiber, 6.15 g  NET CARBS, 8.85 g  protein, 125 mg sodium


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