Tuna Cheesies

Tuna Cheesies

I’ve been making these for probably 20 years or more.  My husband just LOVES these things!  I do, too, really.  The original version was melted on saltine crackers.  My low-carb version here is baked on my Almond-Flax crackers.     This time I cut them into 12 oblong rectangles as shown above, but more often I cut them into 24 saltine shaped squares.  These are suitable once you get to Atkins Phase 2, and they are OK for Keto diets.

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½ recipe my Almond Flax Crackers  (or 24 pre-baked low-carb crackers)

1   6-oz foil pouch tuna (or a 5 oz. can, drained)

1 c. shredded Cheddar cheese

2 slices Kraft American Deluxe cheese, shredded

3 T. mayonnaise (I use homemade)

2-3 shakes cayenne pepper (more if you want them really “hot”)

3-4 drops Worcestershire sauce (optional)

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.  As to making the cracker base for these, I tend to mix up a whole recipe of the cracker dough and shape it on the baking sheet into two rectangles, one on each end, not quite all the way to the edges of the pan, with a slight separation between them.  I use half the cracker recipe for these Tuna Cheesies and save the other rectangle to cut into plain crackers to have on hand for other uses.  Or if you’re having a party, you could double the topping ingredients and use the entire recipe of crackers for a total of 48 Tuna Cheesies.  Your call depending on how many of these you want to make.

Prepare and bake the crackers by that recipe’s instructions at 350º.  Cool slightly on the pan.  If you made the full recipe of crackers, go ahead and score that extra rectangle into 24 crackers and store them in a lidded container on your kitchen counter for up to 2 weeks.

While the crackers are baking, mix the filling ingredients in a bowl.  Spread onto the baked and slightly cooled cracker sheet.  Pop back into the oven and bake for about 5-10 minutes longer, just long enough to melt the topping nicely.  Remove from the oven and with a knife or pizza cutter, cut into either 12 wedges as shown above, or into 24 square-shapes. Serve warm.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 12 rectangular Tuna Cheesies, each contains:

147 calories

11.83 g  fat

3.5 g  carbs, 2.01 g  fiber, 1.49 g  NET CARBS

7.9 g  protein

203 mg sodium

NOTE:  If cut into 24 squares, divide the nutritional numbers above for by 2 to get the per serving numbers for each smaller square.

2 thoughts on “Tuna Cheesies

  1. Jean B.

    Oh! Those look good! I usually do tuna melts on a big pieces of ossified cheese, usually cheddar. (I nuke the cheese until it is totally hard; many folks bake them. I am not sure what name they have acquired. I call them “cheese spluts”, but no one would know what I meant if I said that.) Anyway, I vastly prefer making tuna melts that way as vs. making them on a bready substance, which just detracted from the flavor.

    1. I don’t like the baked cheese low carbers are so fond of. I find them too heavy with grease and waaaaaay to salty. I can’t handle the popular pepperoni chips for the same reason. So I have to stick with some type of cracker under them.

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