Copyrighted Material


Please remember recipes are intellectual property.  Publishing them on the internet affords them protection under copyright laws, as well as the photographs published with the recipe.  It is perfectly OK to print my recipes on paper or to store a copy your computer for your own personal recipe collection.   You may post/share my recipes on the internet by name and/or photo, with a link back to my site for your readers to obtain the full recipe, as one does when one pins a recipe to Pinterest or as is done in a Facebook “share”.  🙂  However you may not publish them fully (as written) on another internet blog or Facebook page/group without my express permission.  And even if shared with proper link back to my site, it should not be done on a massive scale.  It’s not right to reap advertising profit/benefits from someone else’s hard work.

Some of my recipes published here (about 50 of them) appear in Jennifer Eloff’s Low Carbing Among Friends cookbooks.  Those recipes are clearly noted in the narrative as “appearing in” a particular volume of this series of cookbooks and are henceforth the copyrighted property of Eureka Publishing.  They may not be shared on other websites without the express permission of Eureka Publishing.  Contact if you have questions regarding or wish to use those particular recipes.




9 thoughts on “Copyrighted Material

  1. Duise

    Hi Peggy
    I have ziplist and would like to use the recipe clipper so I can organize my menu plan and shopping list (still new at doing this) is it OK to put your recipes on my ziplist. I am sorry I had not asked before.

  2. Jean B.

    My norm is to copy recipes and put them into documents and folders. At most, I then print the recipes for my own use. I assume that is okay, but given your post, I thought I would make sure. Thanks! (And, of course, thank you also for all of the effort that you put into creating recipes that are suitable for LC cookery!)
    Jean B.

    1. Yes, I think that’s fine, Martha. Thanks for checking. Some have been doing it on a massive scale, virtually every recipe with very little original material on their websites. Then is smacks of boosting THEIR website traffic off of all OTHERS’ hard work in the kitchen. 😦

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