Indian Curry-Coated Tilapia

Curry-Coated Tilapia

Curry-Coated Tilapia

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m quite a seafood lover.  Lived on the Texas Gulf Coast for many years and just love seafood, particularly whole fish!  My choices are very limited here in Central Texas, but I make do with what is available.

My husband is down in Austin today so I decided to cook the lone remaining tilapia for lunch (since he’s not as fond of fish as I am).  I wanted it crunchy and decided to use a different spice blend in my crunchy pork-rind coating:  curry powder and Indian Garam Masala.  GREAT CHOICE!  This came out so good my husband missed out on a delicious lunch!   This would also be good done with filets.   This could also be done with small, whole flounder, sole, sea trout, snapper or probably any white-fleshed fish.

I’m giving the ingredients and nutritional info for 1 baked tilapia (1 adult serving).  You’ll need to multiply this info times the number of fish you are cooking.  This dish is suitable for all phases of Atkins, other ketogenic diets and Primal-Paleo lifestyles as well.


1   3/4-lb. whole, cleaned tilapia (yields about 6 oz. edible fish)

1 oz. pork rinds, crushed to fine crumbs

3/4 tsp. Garam Masala

3/4 tsp. curry powder  (I use Sharwood)

2 T. mayonnaise, preferably homemade mayo

DIRECTIONS:   Preheat oven to 450º.  Crush pork rinds into fine crumbs either in a plastic zip bag or your food processor.  Pick out any large, hard bits with a slotted spoon.  Add spices, stir and set aside.  Rinse fish well and pat dry with paper towels.  With a basting brush, brush well with homemade mayonnaise, getting as complete coverage as possible (use more mayo if necessary). Holding the fish by the tail fin,  and using a spoon, sprinkle the seasoned pork rind mixture evenly over both sides of the fish trying to coat ever bit of surface. Lay fish directly on a metal pan (DEFINITELY DO NOT USE SILICONE SHEET OR IT WILL NOT BROWN PROPERLY!   Bake for about 20 minutes, turning carefully at mid-cooking for more even browning, but turning isn’t absolutely necessary.  Using a fork, fish should flake opaque white at the thickest part when done.  Bake longer if it isn’t white-white inside, as your fish may be thicker than mine and may require a few minutes longer.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 1 serving (1 individual whole tilapia) which contains:

526 calories

34.1 g  fat

1.8 g  carbs, 1.0 g fiber, .8 g  NET CARBS

52.5 g protein

619 mg sodium





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