Grilled Chicken & Spinach Pizza

Grilled Chicken-Spinach Pizza
Grilled Chicken-Spinach Pizza

This pizza was absolutely delicious.  I call it my white pizza.  It’s so different from classic red sauced pizzas.  I think I’ll add more spinach next time.  I used ½ cup on this one but will use 3/4 c. next time and have calculated for that below.  The red onion is key to the flavor so wait until you can get a red one for this recipe.  They have a sweeter, fruitier taste than other onions.

This recipe is not suitable for Atkins Induction but will be OK for all other phases.  The carb count is certainly low enough for most Keto diets.

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1 recipe my Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

1 c. grilled chicken breast, chopped (skin on)

½ c. grilled chicken thigh meat, chopped (skin on)

3/4 c. (3 oz) shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese

3/4 c. (3 oz) shredded Mozzarella Cheese

3/4 c. baby spinach leaves

¼ tsp. dried oregano leaves, crushed  (or 1 tsp. fresh, chopped)

Pinch garlic powder (optional)

1 oz. red onion, slivered as thinly as possible

2 oz. heavy cream

2 T. Parmesan cheese (kind in green canister is fine)

Pinch (about 1/16 tsp.) glucomannan powder (to thicken Alfredo sauce)

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.   Make the pizza crust by that recipe’s instructions, on a 16″ pizza pan (preferable pan with holes) lined with parchment.  Remove crust from oven and prepare to top.

For your Alfredo sauce, mix the cream, Parmesan and glucomannan in a saucer and let it sit for a few minutes.  Should thicken up a bit.  When it appears thicker, spread it on the crust as evenly as possible, almost to the edges of the crust.  It needs to be a fairly thin layer or it will cause your crust to get soggy.  Next evenly spread the Jack cheese on the crust.  Next spread the Mozzarella cheese evenly on top.  Sprinkle with the oregano.  Sprinkle with a bit of garlic powder if you like also.  Next evenly top with spinach leaves. They may overlap if need be.  Next evenly place the diced chicken meat on the pizza and the final topping is the wafer thin onion slivers.  Pop into the still hot oven and cook until the cheese appears to be melted and the onion is cooked, or about 15-20 minutes.    ENJOY!

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 8 slices, each contains:

321 calories

23.5 g  fat

4.0 g  carbs, 1.7 g  fiber, 2.3 g NET CARBS

23 g  protein

281 g  sodium

23 thoughts on “Grilled Chicken & Spinach Pizza

    1. Whether a food is Induction friendly or not has nothing to do with the carb count. It has to do with the FOODS ALLOWED/not allowed. The 20 net carbs a day is just the ADDITIONAL requirement. I highly encourage you to do some reading on the basic low-carb diet lest you sabotage your own success. Not knowing what is NOT allowed at certain stages will lessen your chances of success. The Atkins website does the most concise discussion of the diet in general and I’ll link you there: This will give you the guidelines as well as WHY and HOW it is able to work. This is why I’m always saying to my readers here and our fans on our Facebook page “it’s not just about numbers”. Flour in those low-carb tortillas is NOT allowed until we get nearly to or reach goal weight, yet people think they can eat them from day one just because they can fit the number into their 20 carbs per day. Flour will sabotage your success. A general understanding of how/why low carb plans work is essential to your success.

    1. Never have tried to cook pizza on a grill outdoors. How could you cook the crust? I suppose you could do that in the oven at home and take it with you, but that kinda defeats the “outdoor cooking” part. Maybe take a pizza pan with holes along and use a sheet of parchment, but again, who want to take “everything but the kitchen sink” camping PLUS that would smoke up the bottom of your pizza pan terribly.

  1. Susan P

    I made this for dinner tonight and it was absolutely delicious! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! ( I substituted a pinch of xanthum gum as the thickener for the sauce, and it worked well. )

  2. Cathy Cox

    Peggy, I asked and receiveyour 5 cookbooks for Christmas this year and they are wonderful! I was just wondering if when you post these recipes you could tell us which cookbook they are in. It would be a timesaver when I am looking for the recipe. Thanks for sharing these terrific recipes!

    1. Thank you for buying the cookbooks, Cathy. You’re going to love the recipes in them. We appreciate your support. I actually do what you’re asking already, Cathy, but only when they have actually appeared in a book. In my case, that’s not all that many recipes, maybe 5 or so in each book max. We share many, many recipes on the LCAF Facebook page, for FREE, that have not appeared in the books, as a means of demonstrating how delicious low-carb cooking can be, as well as to help people stay on track and to reach their weight-loss goals. It’s that old mentality of “when you buy the books, you DESERVE and SHOULD GET more” 🙂 (than those that don’t buy them) I suppose. That’s what we are attempting to do, basically.

    1. Welcome, Kim. Didn’t intend for this to be an all-or-nothing kind of pizza. Didn’t want ANYTHING to interfere with the red-onion and subtle smoke off the chicken. Those were the only flavors I wanted on this pizza. Even the spinach was not intended to dominate here. I can do the other type of “everything pizza” any old time. This was intended to be a very special flavor-focused pizza, not the typical. 🙂

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