Cranberry-Orange Ladyfingers

Cranberry Orange Ladyfingers

Cranberry Orange Ladyfingers

WOW!  Did these ever come out tasty!  And they just get better and better each day.  They’re gluten-free, if you leave out the oat fiber.  🙂  Hubby really liked these and he’s not really a fruit and nut man.  If you don’t have a twinkie baking pan, just make 12 small muffins, a round flat circle you will cut into 12 scone wedges or a single cake using a loaf pan.  These are not suitable for Atkins Induction on several levels.  They are suitable for Phase 2 and above and Keto diets as well.

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½ c. almond flour

¼ c. flax meal (I use 50:50 gold and dark)

¼ c. plain whey protein powder

1 tsp. baking powder

1 T. oat fiber (omit for gluten free version)

1 c. shredded Monterrey Jack cheese

3 T. softened cream cheese

2 beaten large eggs

1 tsp. cider vinegar

1 T. heavy cream

2 T. fresh squeezed orange juice

1 T. warm tap water

1 tsp. yeast dissolved in the warm water above

½ c. cranberries (fresh or homemade sugar-free dried)

½ c. slivered almonds

1 oz. orange peel

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.  Lightly oil a non-stick pan of your choice (discussed above) and set aside.

Measure out the first 6 (dry) ingredients into a medium mixing bowl.  In a separate small glass bowl, soften the cream cheese either at room temp or in your microwave on defrost.  Dissolve the yeast in the tablespoon of warm water in a saucer and add to the cream cheese.  Stir. Beat in the eggs well. Add the cider vinegar and cream.  Add the creamy mixture to the dry ingredients bowl and stir.

Trim off 1 oz of orange peel from an orange.  You want to get as little white, bitter membrane as possible.  Cut into approximately 1″ pieces.  Place in food processor or blender.  Add cranberries and nuts to the bowl and pulse it all together about 10 times or so, to a coarse chop.   Add the fruit/nut mixture to the batter.  Stir. Finally squeeze/measure out the orange juice. Stir well one last time to incorporate all to achieve a uniform distribution of the fruit/nuts.

Dip into/onto your chosen pan, distributing the batter evenly into 12 muffin cups, 12 twinkie slots or a round circle about 1/2″ thick for scones.  Pop into 350º oven and bake for  20 minutes until lightly browned.  Allow to cool a bit before lifting with the assistance of a knife tip.  If making a loaf, bake around 35 minutes or until the center passes a dry toothpick test.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 12 portions (whatever shape you make), each contains:

160 calories

12.64 g  fat

6.53 g  carbs, 2.71 g  fiber, 3.82 g  NET CARBS

8.3 g protein

266 mg sodium


13 thoughts on “Cranberry-Orange Ladyfingers

    1. First of all, it may simply be the brand you’re buying. That said, I have never found any brands I’ve tried to date to be “gritty”. I buy Honeyvillegrain brand of both. They have a very fine grind on both and bake nice products. You see, I don’t like using coconut flour much at all, and will only put the smallest amounts into recipes for the nice texture it can bring without that coconut taste. I find it is very difficult to use coconut flour and NOT get that taste. All of either one in a recipe often results in an inferior end result IMHO. That is why I consistently add a bit of low-carb bake mix, or a bit of Einkorn flour, or a bit of whey protein powder. Just yields a much nicer, smoother texture much more like the high-carb products we all once knew and loved. People gripe about all the different “flours” in my recipes, but I find that’s how you get the best “high-carb pretender”. Almond flour and coconut flour alone (and those recipes are certainly out there) just don’t do it for me. I’m not a big sweets eater to start with…… when I do indulge, I am very fussy about flavor and texture. I will go to any means and expense to get a GOOD result, not just a mediocre result. 🙂

    1. Not available in regular grocery stores. It’s available at reasonably priced. It’s fiber, like the name implies, from the outer husk of the oat. You can omit it, but texture won’t be as good and carb count will go up because you lose that fiber deduction.

    1. Welcome, Barbara. Fesh raw will work but makes a tarter result. The homemade sugar-free dried (what I actually used) will be slightly sweeter as there is sweetener on my dried cranberries. Either will work though. If using raw fresh, I’d chop them pretty small in a food processor to be sure they get fully cooked/tender during baking.

  1. I had to bake this 2 batches, and the 2nd batch was much nicer after the batter had a chance to sit and rise. I really liked the cranberry/orange/nut flavor, but the orange juice wasn’t enough sweetener for me and next time I’ll add some.

    What purpose does the cheese serve?

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