Breakfast Sticks

Breakfast Sticks

Realized I hadn’t made one of my more popular recipes in quite some time this morning.  I resurrected this tasty ‘Top o’ the Morning’ treat today.  You can use the bottom of muffin cups for these (circle shape) or muffin-top pans (flatter shape) as well.  These are simply delicious!  Just the right amount of cheese to make them a bit creamy without it being overpowering.  Just the right amount of chopped vegetables to not dominate the flavor profile so the eggs still speak up.

These are suitable for all phases of Atkins, Keto diets and Primal Blueprint as well.  Omit the cheese for Paleo adherence.  Below is a photo of the pan I used.  Although they still make it (BTW, it is rimmed in metal framing for support, which I really like), it is difficult to find on the internet.  You can make this recipe using muffin pans however.  I stumbled upon these two Chicago Bakeware pans at my local Tuesday Morning store several years ago and snatched them up. 🙂  Other companies make similar pans:

Bar Mold

This recipe garnered more Facebook fans than any all other recipes I have posted here.  Simply amazing!  Thanks to all my readers and fans for making the recipe go viral on its original 2015 posting.  When you try these, you’ll see why it went off the chart!  🙂    Capture


1 T. oil of choice

2 slices bacon, chopped

3 oz. breakfast sausage

2 large green onions, chopped

4 large eggs, beaten

1 oz. (¼ c.) shredded Monterrey Jack or Mozzarella cheese

DIRECTIONS:   Preheat oven to 350º.  Oil your muffin/pan slots with oil using a brush and set aside.  Beat the eggs with the shredded cheese in a medium mixing bowl and set aside.  Using a non-stick skillet, brown the bacon. Add the sausage crumbled, stirring and cooking until it is no longer pink.  Add onion and saute just until onion begins to cook/wilt.  Remove from heat and cool 1-2 minutes.  Add the meat mixture to the egg mixture and beat together well with a spoon.  Using a ¼c. measuring cup, scoop up ¼ c. of the mixture into each of 8 slots.  Pop into preheated 350º oven for about 15-20 minutes (ovens do vary) until just set and barely beginning to brown on tops.  Remove from pans/slot with a knife tip and serve at once.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 8 Breakfast Sticks, each contains:

142.4 cals, 12.3g fat, 0.73g carbs, 0.16g fiber, 0.57g NET CARBS, 7.16g protein, 220 mg sodium


191 thoughts on “Breakfast Sticks

  1. Being as I don’t have one of those pans, I’m hoping I can make these in a muffin pan?? Of course, they would be called Breakfast muffins, as opposed to Breakfast Sticks, but I’m sure they’ll still be just as tasty. Have you ever made them in a muffin pan?

  2. Can’t wait to try this recipe! I have muffin top silicone molds can I use those and just place them on a baking sheet to give them support?

    1. Muffin top pan slots vary in size. Should work for 8 muffin-top slots, but don’t overfill. Fill each slot only half full, as the eggs will puff up during cooking. You may get only 7 or maybe even 9 servings. Depends on your pan.

  3. You can add cream cheese, peppers,spinach,asparagus,ham…different meats… what ever you like in you eggs. you can use a muffin pan,glass ramekins or it can just be dumped in a pie pan or 9×9 what ever you have ,….no need to by something special .We make every week..I have a muffin tin that does 24 muffins at a time works great too..Give us enough for the week for 4 people,breakfast,lunch,snacks,dinner they make a good grab and go..

    1. I’m delighted you enjoyed them, Kathleen. And so glad to hear they reheat well. I see some sweet applications for this recipe on my horizon. So stay tuned for future postings of “sticks”. 🙂

    1. Sorry, but I can’t do that for you, Timothy, even if I were so inclined to do so for someone who just screamed at me (using all caps). Yes, all caps is considered shouting on the internet. But that aside, only YOU can unsubscribe since YOU are the one who subscribed. Imagine if strangers could undo what you DO on the internet. On one of the emails that is delivered to you in future, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email itself. BTW, that’s pretty standard operating procedure all over the internet.

      1. I do not as there is nothing stamped on it. I checked for someone else. But I have seen them by just Googling silicone pans. Don’t remember what they called them though. Seems like had them one time and maybe the Wilton folks?

  4. Can’t wait to try these (usually can’t wait to try EVERY recipe you create, Peggy!). Hope you and your dear husband are feeling fine, finally!
    ~~ Mary

    1. These were really tasty, Mary, and that’s coming from someone not too fond of eggs. Just the right amount of bacon, sausage and cheese for me. I’m so glad you enjoy them, Mary. 🙂 People like you make sharing them worth the time/effort. 🙂

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