Einkorn Bacon-dogs

I was wanting something cheesy and bacon-y yesterday for breakie, but just didn’t want eggs.  Having made a new version of my Einkorn bread the day before, I decided to pull it together into a tasty breakfast that even my husband gave a thumbs up to.  This is a little carb-y with the Einkorn roll, but you can use some other low-carb bread and pull the carbs down on this.  You won’t get the chewy quality these have, but they will perhaps be adequate for you. This recipe as-written would not be suitable until Pre-Maintenance or Maintenance phases of Atkins or Keto.  There is Einkorn wheat flour in the bread, folks, so definitely not gluten-free either.

These are extremely filling, the bread being made with psyllium.  You will probably find one will feed 2 children.  Those we reheated the next day, again in the regular oven, were as delicious as they were on the first day.

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1 recipe my Einkorn-Arrowroot Sandwich Buns

5 oz. cheddar cheese (1 slice per “dog”)

10 slices low-sodium thick bacon, cooked (2 per “dog”)

VARIATION:  Scramble some eggs and spoon a little down each bun before adding the cheese and reheating.

DIRECTIONS:   Make the bread as instructed in that recipe, rolling the 5 portions into 6″ “ropes” and slightly pressing them flat before baking.  Remove from oven but don’t turn the oven off.  When totally cooled, slice the buns, open out and set aside.

While the bread is cooling a bit, fry the bacon until done but not overly crisp.  Drain and place 2 slices bacon into each sliced bun.  Cut and arrange the cheese on each bun.  Close the bun and set them back onto your bread baking sheet and replace in a 350º oven for 5-7 minutes just to melt the cheese. Remove from oven and ENJOY!

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 5 Bacon-dogs, each contains:

528 calories (use 1 slice bacon to lower calories)

40.9 g  fat (use 1 slice bacon to lower fat)

21.4 g  carbs, 10.1 g  fiber, 11.3 g  NET CARBS

27.5 g  protein

735 mg sodium



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