My Staple Pantry Baking Items

0042I often get asked for a list of what ingredients I keep stocked in my pantry for baking.  I’m not a big sweets eater, but my husband is, so I try to bake him something once a week……….LOW-CARB, of course. 🙂 These are the ingredients I have found over 6 years of low-carb baking experiments that I just MUST keep in my baking pantry at all times. The first 4 items in red will probably last you about a year, so don’t let the price of a bag scare you off.  Other items will last varying lengths of time,  depending on how often you bake and size package you buy.

If you are new to low-carbing, you can spread the cost out over time by buying just 1 or 2 each month.  Eventually you’ll have your pantry stocked with what will cover most of your low-carb baking needs.  I order most of the hard-to-find ingredients from, as they offer flat-rate shipping.  However I order my coconut flour and bulk almond flour at as they have the finest grind I can find for those two items, resulting in nicer textured baked goods in my opinion.  I store the overage in my chest freezer in large Tupperware® containers.

Oat Fiber (This is NOT the same thing as oat flour or oat bran!)

Glucomannan Powder (also called Konjac powder)

Xanthan gum

Einkorn Wheat Flour (non-genetically modified wheat) [I order from Jovial

Almond Flour

Coconut Flour

Plain (unflavored, unsweetened) Whey Protein Isolate

Oat Flour (ground whole oats, used very sparingly)




Carbquik Bake Mix

Jennifer Eloff’s Splendid Gluten-Free Bake Mix (click for recipe)

Golden Flax Meal

Dark Flax Meal

11 thoughts on “My Staple Pantry Baking Items

  1. Margaret

    Thanks- some of these items are still unfamiliar to me- so I’ll take your ( always appreciated!) advice!

    1. Baking can be done without some of them, but I just get better results with “blends” of these ingredients: tastier, smoother in the middle, nicer crusts. Overall better in appearance and flavor and closer to the higher-carb cousins.

  2. Since Honeyville’s almond flour has gone up so high in price I’ve found Anthony’s blanched almond flour (same nice consistency) on Amazon with free shipping for less, even when Honeyville has a discount, especially since I get a lot of amazon gift cards from doing survey’s.
    Good list Peggy. It makes all the difference in low carbing if you have a well stocked kitchen.

    1. When I use up my last 25# bulk order (comes out to $7.56 per pound), I’ll definitely look into the Anthony’s brand then. 🙂 Thanks, Ginny.

  3. Guinan

    I can’t find Glucomanan Powder here in the Netherlands, however we do have the Konjak Noodles. Do you know whether I could dehydrate those and grind them into powder? Would that be the same thing?

    1. You know, I’ve often wondered that, Guinan, because I think the noodles are made of the pure tuber powder and water only. So if you can dehydrate them enough to grind into a powder, I’d say GO for it! I do think you’ll end up with the same thing. 🙂

  4. Wow — I bake so seldom that the only thing i have on that list is coconut flour (although I do have rolled oats and coconut palm cane sugar — this latter I’ve had for half a year and only dipped into twice).

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