Baby Corncakes

Baby Corncakes

Baby Corncakes

Corn is considered a no-no on a low-carb diet.  And I so LOVE sweet, buttered corn.  But if you use the baby corn so often seen in Chinese stir-fries for your low-carb corn recipes, the carb count drops dramatically because the corn has not yet formed the sugar seen it mature kernels!  🙂  This is yet another recipe putting this knowledge to clever use for a mild taste of corn in a side dish.  I served these with a nice chipotle mayonnaise sauce (2 tsp. Tobasco Chipotle Sauce stirred into 1/4 c. creamy homemade mayo), pork chops and steamed, buttered broccoli and the meal was delicious!   I think next time I’ll use real chipotles canned with Adobo sauce, mashed as the flavor would have been richer I think.  I was being very lazy tonight and just used the bottled Tobasco version.  This recipe is suitable once you reach Phase 2 of Atkins.


1 15-oz can baby corn, drained

½ c. Carbquick bake mix

1 egg

2 tsp. Tobasco Chipotle Sauce (this is not as hot as regular Tobasco sauce)

Dash each salt and pepper

Dash each garlic oil and hot chili oil  (optional)

DIRECTIONS:  Coarsely chop the drained corn by knife or pulse a few times in the food processor.  Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl or in your food processor.  Heat some coconut oil or palm shortening in a skillet and crop batter by spoon into hot oil into 6 uniform patties.  Brown nicely on both sides, waiting until side 1 is thoroughly browned before attempting to flip them over to side 2.  Remove to paper towels and serve as is or with a chipotle mayonnaise sauce if you like.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 6 cakes, each contains:

51.5 calories

4.68 g  fat

5.61 g  carbs, 4.58 g  fiber, 1.03 g  NET CARBS

3.06 g  protein

214 mg sodium

7 comments on “Baby Corncakes

  1. I have to agree with Barb but even if the carb count we’re right and it could be there’s no way there is 306 grams of protein. That’s like eating an entire cow.


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