Cherry-Strawberry Mini Pies

Cherry-Strawberry Mini Pies
Cherry-Strawberry Mini Pies

I like to keep 4-5 pie-crusts made up in my freezer (uncooked) at all times.  I just find it makes me more inclined to bake pies than if I have to make both the crust and filling on the same day.   I’ve found over the years keeping them frozen in Ziploc® bags is just so convenient.  They lose nothing in flavor or results from the freezing.  Just thaw a bit, and while still cold, roll out between 2 pieces of plastic wrap and you’re good to go. Today I felt like taking advantage of having crust ready to go.

I took one and made some mini cherry-strawberry pies that were incredibly tasty!   I had to abruptly leave the house mid-cooking to go unlock our other house we’re selling.  Needed to unlock for a carpet cleaner as the hubs was running late from his doctor’s appointment.  The result was these overcooked a tad, despite turning the oven off as I left.  I’ll get a better photo next time I make these and post a prettier picture at that time.  But I wanted to share this with my readers since the hubs and I just thought they came out sooooo tasty.  Who’da thunk cherries mixed with strawberries would be so good?  These simple treats are going to be made again and again at our house, but I’m sure I’ll try with different berries as well!  They are a little carb-y using cherries, but using more strawberries and less cherries (or even all strawberries) will lower carbs for you.  You could also try using only 3/4 of the pie crust recipe, pressing it thinner into your pan forms.  Or you could make this in muffins cups and make more, reducing the serving size.

These are suitable once you reach the grains carb reintroduction level of Atkins OWL ladder.  These are too high in carbs carb for Keto folks I suspect, unless you’re at goal weight.  They are not suitable for Primal or Paleo unless modified.


1 12-oz can red tart cherries with juice

3/4 c. frozen whole strawberries, thawed with juice

1/4 c. Splenda + 2 T. erythritol (or sweetener of choice to = 5 T. sugar)

1/8 tsp. glucomannan powder (or ¼-½ tsp. other thickener of choice)

1 recipe my “Flour” Pie Crust

DIRECTIONS:  Make the pie crust by that recipe’s instructions and divide into 4 portions (or 5 if trying to reduce carb count).  Press each portion firmly into mini pie pans (I used a 4-slot shortcake pan).   Preheat oven to 350º.  Place fruit, juices and sweeteners in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat.  Bring to a boil and lower to a simmer.  Dust the glucomannan or other thickener into mixture and stir, simmering 1-2 minutes to thicken.  Remove and dip into filling equally into the 4 (or 5) formed shells.  Place on a baking sheet to catch ooze/spillover during cooking and pop into 350º oven for bout 20 minutes or until the crust is lightly browned on the edges. Remove, cool slightly and enjoy with some low-carb ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Entire recipe has 862 calories, 60.7g fat, 134.5g carbs, 69.3g fiber, 65.2g NET CARBS, 29g protein, 669 mg sodium

If making 4 pies, 3″x 1″-deep, each contains:  215  calories, 1 5.2g fat, 33.6g carbs, 17.3g fiber, 16.3 g NET CARBS, 7.2g protein, 167 mg sodium

Recalculate as needed for the number you are making. Also adjust carbs for thickener changes.

3 thoughts on “Cherry-Strawberry Mini Pies

  1. It looks wonderful, Peggy! I am going to follow your example and make up more pie crusts to keep in the freezer. Especially important now that the holidays are here with all the temptations. 🙂

    1. You must not like to cook. If dissolving a thickener for a filling and making a standard pie crust is too many steps, well……..I guess you don’t like to cook pies for sure. ALL pies that are no-bake pies require making a crust (1st step); followed by making a filling (2st step), that may or may not requite some simmering first. You can probably just stir the fruit up with the thickener and fill the empty crust, but I don’t tend to take any chances on it not getting thick. I highly recommend making 5-6 crusts at a time and storing in your freezer in plastic bags. That eliminates those steps right off the bat and makes pie-making so much simpler to me.

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