Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies
           Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are moist, dense cake-like in texture, and incredibly tasty!  My picky husband really liked these, and he usually isn’t too fond of low-carb desserts.  These are not Induction friendly due to the almond flour and nuts.  Sometimes I leave out the chopped nuts to lower calorie/carb count even more.

VARIATION:  If you like a chewier cookie, use the sugar-free honey (I use Honeytree from Walmart) instead of the DaVinci vanilla syrup.   For a crunchier cookie, bake them longer/browner.


1 c. almond flour

¼ c. + 2T. unsweetened, plain whey protein

1 tsp. baking soda

½ c. chopped nuts

½ c. sugar-free chocolate chips

¼ c. granular Splenda

4 T. erythritol sweetener

3 T. melted, unsalted butter

1 egg, beaten

¼ c. sugar free honey+1 tsp. vanilla (about 1/4 c. DaVinci Vanilla sugar-free syrup, added slowly and just enough to create a thick batter)

1 T. water (omit if you used Davinci syrup)

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.  Mix all dry ingredients in large bowl.  Add all wet ingredients.  Blend well and let batter sit for a couple minutes to firm up.  Spoon onto greased or non-stick baking sheet in 1″ globs.  They don’t spread out much when cooking, so I slightly  flattened with my fingers, but not too much.  Bake for about 12 minutes at 350º.  Cool on cloth or racks.  I got exactly 26 cookies.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 26 cookies, each contains:

55.85 cals, 4.79g fat, 2.04g carbs,0.84g fiber, 1.2g NET CARBS, 1.8g protein, 54 mg. sodium


11 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Di

    Peggy, I made these yesterday, have never tried the SF honey before and was very happy with the chewy texture I got with it but it seemed to ‘overpower the chocolate chips. (I used a combo of swerve and pyrue for the sweetener and chopped chocoperfection for the chips, which is what I use in my “standard” LC choc chip cookie.) And I am not totally happy with the maltitol in the honey but I wanted to try it because I have never been able to get that “chewy” texture in a LC cookie.

    So, I am thinking about experimenting with glycerin (food grade, of course) to see if I can get the texture with that and I was wondering if you had ever tried any baking with it?

    1. Re the honey “overpowering”, I assume you mean too sweet? Try using a tad less? If you mean you couldn’t taste the chocolate chips, try using a few more or them? I don’t find any of the LC chocolate chips have much flavor to me.

      RE glycerine baking, I have only baked my Sock-it-to-me Cake with it. It kind of bothered my stomach a wee bit in the cake so I subbed in other sweetener for it on subsequent bakings of that cake and like that result better. 🙂 Glycerine doesn’t bother other people however. I also tried some glycerine in ice cream to see if that would keep it softer. Still upsets my tummy a bit and didn’t keep it soft after freezing either. Froze like a solid brick just like all my other LC and SF ice cream has. So really, you’ll just have to experiment with glycerine and see if you like working with it and if it bothers your tummy or not. The bit of Maltitol in the honey doesn’t seem to bother me and I can get that “chewy” I’m wanting in cookies. Luckily, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and don’t eat much dessert. I just bake for the hubs who has a terrible sweet tooth. 🙂

      1. Di

        I am not a sweets eater either, like you..I bake for hubby who does have a sweet tooth. I did find the glycerin worked to keep my strawberry sorbet softer, although I have not tried making ice cream yet.

        As for the overpowering of the chocolate, that was hubs description, but he can taste the chocolate just fine (same kind of chocolate) in my “standard LC choc chip cookies” and I use the chocoperfection in those too. So I am really not sure what caused that, he said the sweetness factor was fine and he is very picky, lol. On a happy note, the honey did not spike him (diabetic) so I will try it with less or maybe I will actually get around to making my own LC choc chips.

        Thank you for all the work you do.

  2. Di

    Peggy, I don’t use splenda….I am thinking Swerve would work instead? Tammy, I don’t know what Peggy uses, but Bob’s Red Mill is my favorite unsweetened plain whey protein.

  3. Tammy

    Hi Peggy…just wanted to say thank you for all you do for us low carbers 🙂
    I also wanted to know if you could tell me what kind/brand of whey protein you use. I have never used that before and don’t want to mess up the
    Thank you

    1. I use NOW brand unflavored, unsweetened. I buy the huge 10# mega bag (drops the price to around $11 per pound) and store most in my freezer, just taking out 1# at a time. A bag lasts me more than a year, so I haven’t bought it in ages. Sadly, it has gone up a lot the last year. More like $19-$23 per 1.2 pound jar, depending on where you buy it. But it will last you a good long while. I have bought it at Netrition, Vitacost, VitaminShoppe and other vendors on-line. I go for the best price as a rule. I’d use Jay Robb if it weren’t so expensive. It’s real good, but that’s just too darn pricey for me. 🙂

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