Strawberry Pie


I like to use xanthan gum to thicken up a fruit filling, but chia seeds or glucomannan will also do that job for you if you prefer.  And with the xanthan gum, it doesn’t go watery on you and ruin the crust overnight in the fridge!  My hubby’s reaction was  “This is like REAL pie!”  But it’s low-carb all the way folks!  This recipe is not acceptable until you reach Atkins Phase 2.  Keto dieters can have this if the carbs will fit into your daily limits.  For those that find this crust too high in carbs, I have other pie crust recipes that are quite a bit lower in carbs than this particular Nutty Pie crust.  Click the “Pie Crust” category on the right side of the page to check out my lower carb crusts.

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1½ pints strawberries, stemmed (reserve 1 large whole berry for center decoration)

1 “Nutty” Pie Crust, baked

1 c. water

Sweetener of your choice to taste

Red food coloring (optional)

liquid Splenda® or stevia to taste for whipped cream topping

Dash vanilla

1½ c. heavy cream

xanthan gum (1/8-¼ tsp.)

DIRECTIONS: Put 5 berries into a food processor or blender.  Slice remaining berries into a  medium bowl.  Add the 1c. water to the berries in the blender/processor and puree until smooth.  Pour this mixture into in small saucepan and heat over medium heat.  Add Splenda® and quite a few drops red food coloring and stir, repeating until you get a nice red glaze color.  When it comes to a slow boil, lower heat to a slow simmer and begin dusting with xanthan gum, stirring well between additions, allowing it to thicken.  Will take several additions to get glaze thick enough.  When satisfactorily thick remove from heat and pour over sliced berries. Stir well to coat all berries and pour into baked, cooled pie shell.  In clean bowl, whip the whipping cream.  When nice and thick, add a dash of vanilla and your preferred sweetener to taste.  Spread topping over berries and decorate center with whole berry, or fan slice it and spread the layers out a bit.  A couple of fresh mint leaves (if you grow mint) placed aside the berry looks lovely.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Serves 8, each serving contains:

198.3 calories

16.83 g  fat

14.91 g  carbs, 8.14 g  fiber, 6.77 g  NET CARBS

5.24 g  protein

80 mg sodium


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