Einkorn Blueberry Donuts

Blueberry Donuts

Well, I went and modified my Einkorn Cake Donuts by deleting a couple things and adding some fresh blueberries.  Have been wanting to try some blueberry donuts.  Well, I didn’t have any blueberry sugar-free DaVinci syrup and had to use vanilla syrup, but they still came out pretty darn good.  I’ll definitely use the blueberry syrup next time, as they needed more blueberry flavor.  Also my berries were very mild in flavor to begin with.

This recipe is not suitable for Atkins Induction.  It is OK once you get to the Pre-Maintenance or Maintenance levels.  It’s acceptable for Keto diets if you can fit the carbs into your daily numbers, but totally unacceptable for Primal-Paleo.  Please see the “Where to Buy Ingredients” tab for sources for my hard-to-find ingredients.

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½ c. oat fiber

½ c. coconut flour

½ c. plain whey protein powder

¼ c. egg white protein powder

¼ c. Einkorn all-purpose flour

1 T. baking powder

1 T. glucomannan powder

¼ tsp. salt (omit if using salted butter)

1 pkt. stevia

½ c. granular Splenda (or equivalent sweetener of choice)

½ c. erythritol (or equivalent sweetener)

3 T. unsalted butter, melted

3 large eggs, beaten

3 T. Da Vinci Blueberry sugar-free syrup

½ c. cream

½ c. water

3/4 c. fresh or frozen blueberries

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.  Lightly oil 2 non-stick “standard” donut pans (you need 12 slots).  Measure all the dry ingredients into a medium mixing bowl.  Stir to blend.  Spoon out 1-2 T. and toss fresh berries in it to help prevent sinking in the batter.  Break the eggs into the center of dry ingredients and beat.  Add cream, water, DaVinci syrup and melted butter.  Stir well until batter is well mixed.  Batter will be fairly thick.  Lightly fold berries into batter.  Don’t over stir or they will turn your batter blue and break apart.  Spoon batter carefully into the slots until level full (that’s right, FULL).  These don’t rise much, just forming a nice little dome.   Pop into preheated 350º oven for about 17 minutes.  Slightly cool and remove using the tip of a knife to loosen.  Allow to cool completely for flavors to develop.  Enjoy with a nice cup of coffee or tea!

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Make 12 standard size donuts, each contains:

125 calories

9.39 g  fat

10.76 g  carbs, 5.62 g  fiber, 5.14 g  NET CARBS

7.54 g  protein

123 mg sodium








2 thoughts on “Einkorn Blueberry Donuts

  1. These sound wonderful! Looking for some good treats for my hubby, who is a blueberry lover, so this is great. I just ordered some oat fiber, which I hope to try again. Last time using it which was several years ago, it gave me the same reaction as wheat, but lately I’ve been able to use Einkorn again without a reaction, so hoping for the best with oat fiber as well. Thanks for the recipe Peggy! 🙂

    1. Sounds like a good sign on the Einkorn, Ginny. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s a trend for you and not a fluke. Perhaps Einkorn will be doable for you (as well as oat fiber). They open so many baking doors IMO. I’m fortunate I’ve never really suffered major food allergies. 🙂

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