This is a modification (of another low-carber’s modification) of a Michelle Obama Shortbread recipe found on the internet.  I found the original recipe with 3 sticks of butter to be way too greasy with butter, quite frankly, and the shortbread was entirely too crumbly with 3c. almond flour and only 2 egg yolks to hold it together.  The first batch I made literally fell apart in my hand when I tried to eat them, with huge bits falling onto the floor for my puppies to enjoy. 😦 So I made another batch with several changes and those came out much better.  So my recipe below reflects those changes.  Not acceptable until OWL.

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2½ sticks (1¼ c.) unsalted butter, softened

1 c. granular Splenda (or equivalent sweetener of choice)

1 pkt. stevia sweetener

3 beaten eggs

3 c. almond flour

1 T. coconut flour

½ tsp. vanilla extract

¼ tsp. salt

1/3 c. oat fiber (do NOT use oat bran, as it it much higher in carbs)

DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 325º.  Line a sheet pan with parchment paper.  Cream butter, Splenda and stevia together until smooth.  Add 3 beaten eggs and vanilla extract, whipping to combine well.  Add almond flour, coconut flour, oat fiber and salt.   Stir well to a smooth batter.  Spread dough evenly onto parchment-lined pan.  You can use your fingers moistened with cold water to do this or use plastic gloves if you ave some.  Batter will spread to about ¼” thickness.  Poke holes into shortbread with tines of a fork about every 2″.  Bake at 325º for 25 minutes or just until it begins to brown lightly on the edges.  You don’t want this to get over-browned!  Cut carefully into 32 pieces while still slightly warm.  I am storing these in the freezer and find that firms them up a bit for easier, less-crumbly handling.  🙂

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 32 rectangles of shortbread, each contains:

135 calories

12.9 g  fat

4.09 g  carbs, 2.10 g  fiber, 1.99 g  NET CARBS

2.99 g  protein

30 mg sodium

14 comments on “Shortbread

    • I don’t find it so at all, Darr. It does have a chalky texture, but that isn’t detected after baking (unless you use too much in a recipe). But gritty like sand, I don’t equate the two.

      Now erythritol seems gritty as it tends to recrystalize after baking (over time) and that may be what you are detecting. I also find flaxmeal to be occasionally gritty, but there is neither in this shortbread. 🙂


  1. Where do you find oat fiber? I’m excited to try this. Have been looking for a low-carb cookie. So many have honey as sweetener…while paleo, not low carb + I’m allergic!!


    • There really is no substitute for this virtually zero carb alternate flour additive. You can leave it out and see what happens. but you will be experimenting. I use tiny amount s in recipes to give them a more real flour taste and texture. Omitting it will cook up an edible shortbread, but clearly a different texture. But they’ll probably be still quite good.


    • Thanks so much for noticing that omission. The 1½c. was the original recipe and I didn’t change that when I reduced butter from 3 to 2½ sticks. Muchas Gracias. I’ve corrected that now. 🙂


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