Olive-Hummus Canapes

Olive-Hummus Canapes

Do you like Greek Olive Tapenade?  We adore the rich olive-garlicky-parsley flavors!  Next time you’re entertaining, try these tasty little canapés.  You can make as many or as few as you need.  I whipped up a dozen for our lunch today!  Of course, I already had the crackers on hand, as these are my go-to crackers.  You can use other low-carb crackers, but the black pepper in these crackers really enhances the total flavor of these tasty treats.  But you could just sprinkle some black pepper on them if using some other crackers. You will also need to make up the hummus and the olive tapenade before assembling.

These are not suitable until you reach the legumes rung of the Atkins carb re-introduction ladder.  But they are OK for Keto followers as written, if you can fit the carbs into your daily numbers.   They would not be acceptable for Primal-Paleo unless you sub in a plan appropriate cauliflower hummus that has no chick-pea flour.

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¼ recipe my low-carb cauliflower Hummus

½ recipe my Olive Tapenade

24 my Almond-Arrowroot Crackers (or low-carb crackers of choice)

12 tiny pieces pimiento from a jar (optional)

DIRECTIONS: Make the crackers by that recipe’s instructions and completely cool.  Make up a half recipe of the hummus by that recipe’s instructions and set aside.  Make the olive tapenade in your food processor or blender by that recipe’s instructions.

Olive mixture leftovers keep for about a week in the refrigerator in a covered container.  It makes an excellent additive to salad vinaigrette dressing!  🙂 The hummus doesn’t keep well, so unless you’re making a lot of these for a party, you might want to only make up a 1/4 recipe of the hummus so you won’t have a bunch leftover.

To assemble the canapés, spread 1 tsp. hummus on the center of each cracker.  Nest place a ½ tsp. dollop of the olive tapenade in the center of the hummus. If using, top with 1 tiny piece of pimiento.  Place on a decorative tray and serve at once.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 24 canapés, each contains:

50 calories

4.58 g  fat

1.95 g  carbs, .94 g  fiber, 1.01 g  NET CARBS

1.16 g  protein

71 mg sodium

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