Chicken Roasted Asparagus Pizza Alfredo

Chicken-Roasted Asparagus Pizza Alfredo

Please forgive my slightly out-of-focus photo, but I’m still wearing a brace on my broken wrist and it is still hurting and shaky at times. 🙂  My husband just LOVED this new pizza I made tonight from two pieces of leftover baked chicken. I liked it, too, but felt the asparagus was lost among the other flavors.  The hubs didn’t think so, but he’s particularly fond of roasted asparagus anytime, anyway.  🙂  This recipe makes a 12″ pizza, so if you need a larger one for your family, you might want to increase the ingredients accordingly.  I would think 1½ recipes would make a 16″ pizza.  Two slices filled both of us up nicely (served a green salad with it) and there are two slices left for a snack or lunch one day.  This recipe is suitable for Phase 2 (OWL Ongoing Weight Loss) Atkins and most Keto diets.

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1 recipe Peggy’s Pizza Crust

Light sprinkle of Italian Seasoning

15 small, fresh asparagus spears

1 T. olive oil

Dash salt and pepper

½ c. Alfredo Sauce (I used Bertolli Basil Alfredo Sauce, 2 carbs per 1/4 c.)

1 c. shredded Mozzarella cheese

1 c. cooked chicken meat, chopped  (baked or grilled)

1 oz. slivered red bell pepper

1 small can (6.5 oz) sliced mushrooms, drained

DIRECTIONS:  Make the pizza crust by that recipe’s instructions (linked above) and sprinkle with a dash of Italian seasoning.  Bake crust for just 10 minutes initially.  It will not be fully done or browned, but the batter will be set and dry to touch on top.  Remove from oven and set aside.

Turn up oven to 400º.  Cut the asparagus into 1-1½” pieces and place in small metal baking pan.  Add the olive oil, dash of salt and pepper and roll around to coat pieces well.  Pop into oven to roast for just 8-10 minutes.  Remove from oven to cool.

Assemble the pizza:  Spoon a thin layer of the Alfredo sauce onto the crust nearly to the edges.  I only used 1/2 cup so the crust wouldn’t get soggy in the center (plus I’m not too fond of basil).  Top next with the mozzarella cheese.  Sprinkle the meat on top as evenly as you can.  Evenly place the bell pepper next and finally, the sliced mushrooms.   Pop into 350º oven for about 10-15 minutes or just until the crust is browning on the edges and the cheese is melted.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 6 large slices, each contains:

356 calories

27.28 g fat

8.20 g carbs, 3.36 g fiber, 4.84 g NET CARBS

24.7 g protein

685 mg sodium  (less if you use less mozzarella)



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