Low Carbing Among Friends BEST PRICING


For the very best prices (and to see current sale items) on our Low Carbing Among Friends cookbooks, be sure to use one of these links to the publisher’s order site and their Amazon order page:


Or order at Amazon:  http://amongfriends.us/AMAZON.php

Please remember that when you buy anything at Amazon, vendors can ask whatever price they want for an item.  Always check all offers, both new and used, to insure you’re picking the best deal.



10 comments on “Low Carbing Among Friends BEST PRICING

  1. Just wanted to say… from the bottom of my heart… Miss Peggy.. you are the very best.. and have helped so many along the path of low carb,,,I took your hamburger bun recipe.. oh my it was 222 big for what i wanted… so I got pans.. and I make up a dozen eggs at a time… and I have one each am with my eggs for breakfast.sorta my version of…. bacon egg and cheese muffin.. only on my… hamburger bun.. and yes i still call it that…….and nearly …0 carbs to start my day…………..I TOTALLY LOVE THEM…SOOO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


    • By the way these freeze just fine and lasts me about a month sorry i forgot to mention that… I truly love YOUR HAMBURGER BUNS…THANKS AGAIN


      • Oh, you are so sweet to say that, Sheila. I do so want to help others along their LC journey. It can be fun, it can be enjoyable and it can be delicious without being difficult to prepare. 🙂 I’ve said that since 2009 when I began this WOE. Your efficient way of making a dozen is so clever. I’ve been meaning to get a true muffin-top pan so I can make smaller HB buns. I’ve not tried to mass produce them, but that approach really CAN be a blessing when we’re sleep or come home tired from a long day at work. Thanks for the tip, my friend! I’m sure my other readers will try it now. 🙂


    • OK, Becki. I tried that page and you are right. It was all messed up. If you were using a mobile, that can cause some people additional issues, but I told him I was using a desktop and the page was just not working right. What the publishers have done is to go in and add way down at the bottom a criss-cross link that says “If your are having problems with this page CLICK HERE”. Click that and it will take you to our older order page that is working just fine. I just tested it myself so I know it’s working. Sorry about all this. Hope your order will process OK now. He said Paypal has some new kinks that make checkout a bit slower than in the past, but he said to wait a couple seconds and it will work just fine for you. Sing out again if it still won’t work on your mobile (if that’s what you’re using). Have a nice evening, Becki. 🙂


    • Which link did you click in my post? the top link with the word Sale in it? or the Amazon link on the bottom? Our publisher will ask me that question to work on the page. sounds like there IS a problem.


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